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Thanksgiving ending Sunday weekend 11.27.04
Thanksgiving ending Sunday weekend 11.27.04 | RIOL team Greeting Travellers, providing rail safety information, pencils,bookmarks, and of course Cookies!
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Overpass Construction Update:

Projected end date was expected in December of 2004, revised and extended to Jan 12th. The final tasks are elevator inspection, and automated door inspection. High level ADA platform inspection is included in the project at each end of the station on both tracks one and two, which will allow wheelchair delivery at train level with ramp down to platform level. The schuttle bus will be retained at least till the third week of January 2005.

The overpass construction is being built by the Carlin Company under contract with Amtrak and in continuation of the North East Corridor Improvement Project started at Kingston Station in 1976. For more information Google "Amtrak NECIP".

Carlin Company is also responsible for building a similar but more elaborate version of overpass at the Amtrak station in Old Saybrook.

The overpass was necessary result of the high speed "Acela" named trains run by Amtrak from Boston to Washington D.C. Passengers are no longer allowed to cross over tracks to access trains as was the custom in the past.

A stairway leads from the track 2 platform to the track 1 platform across from the Kingston Station. A track 3 will eventually follow on the west side of the track 1 platform when future commuter train plans are realized by the state of Rhode Island. The rail yard is owned by Amtrak. The stairways were opened for the Thanksgiving holiday traffic on November 23rd, 2004. This action took some pressure off the staff and the driver of the temporary shuttle bus to track 1.
An elevator set is in place for both track 1 and track 2 in complience with ADA rules for handicap access. The inspection required for use of the elevators is expected to be produced by the end of December of 2004 or before. The back-up generator at Kingston Station will serve to insure the elevator will be backed up in case of power failure. A back up battery is planned for the elevator on track 1 side to lower the elevator and open the exit door in case of a power failure.

The Kingston Station served over 90.000 passengers in the year of 2000, only two years after the reconstruction effort supported by the Friends of Kingston Station Inc. This was a twenty percent rise in service over the 1998 sales numbers provided to RIARP. The numbers of passengers using the station at Kingston do not include a commuter service or other railroad other than Amtrak at this time.

For more information and updates you might consider joining the Friends of Kingston Station Inc. A bi-annual newsletter is provided to the members. A "join" link is provided on the homepage.