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Blizzard of 2005 at Kingston Station
Blizzard of 2005 at Kingston Station | photos: Jack McCabe


P1010001 P1010002 P1010003 P1010004
    view toward new pedestrian overpass     around the station south end     finally flurries of the blizzard of 05   westbnd Acela approach MP 158
P1010005 P1010006 P1010007 P1010008
    westbd Acela blows up snow     view toward parking lot     view toward Rt 138     eastbnd Acela comes by Kingston
P1010009 P1010014 P1010015 P1010016
    eastbnd Acela by new highlevel     makeup Acela #1164 makes stop #1164 rear power unit at Kingston   #1164 unsched stop with 30 paxs