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First Shots with Olympus D490Z

First Shots with Olympus D490Z

Here are the first shots I took with my new Olympus D490Z digital camera. The first shot was in HQ quality (1600x1200 w/ compression), the others are in SQ (640x480 w/ compression). These JPEGs have not been modified. They were downloaded directly from the camera.

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(33K) My very first digital photo with my new Olympus D490Z. I pulled it out of the box, turned around from the front passenger seat and took this shot (default: HQ quality = 1600x1200 w/ compression) of my son Andrew (age 2.75)

(45K) At HQ quality I can only get a few shots on my default 8MB SmartMedia card so I switched to SQ (640x480 w/ heavy compression) and took this shot of my son Nathan (age 4.75). At SQ I can take 80+ images on a 8MB card.

(50K) My nephew James (age 1) being held by my Mom (his grandma).

(65K) Taylor Hiroyasu's First Birthday Cake.

(64K) Scott (Dad), Taylor (Age 1), Analisa (Mom) at Taylor's 1st Birthday party.

(69K) Andrew and Nathan at the Pacific Electric Monument on the corner of Trask and New Hope Avenues in Garden Grove, CA.

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All Photos © 2001 Michael Kimura