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Amtrak Coast Starlight #14 LAX-PDX May 23-24, 2001 Photos

Amtrak Coast Starlight #14 LAX-PDX May 23-24, 2001 Photos

On Wednesday, May 23, 2001 we (myself, wife Dorie, and sons Nathan (age 4.75) and Andrew (age 2.75)) began our vacation to Portland, Oregon. We boarded the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner #765 in Santa Ana, CA to connect with the Amtrak Coast Starlight #14 at Los Angeles Union Station. We had the Family Room (first time for us) in Sleeping Car #1430 (first sleeper next to the Pacific Parlour Car) which was Superliner II "Tennessee" #32110 which we had on our last Coast Starlight trip to Portland, OR in June 1998!

My railfan friend Les Higa joined us for the trip from Santa Ana to San Jose, CA.
My railfan friend Steven Reynolds joined us at Paso Robles, CA (taking Coast Starlight #11 from Davis to Paso Robles).

Note: All shots were taken with my new Olympus D490Z digital camera using the lowest quality mode (SQ=640x480 with compression). These JPEGs have not been modified. They were downloaded directly from the camera.

July 30, 2001 added 3 photos that were scanned from photographs. Noted below with "Scanned".

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(32K) Amtrak Pacific Surfliner #765 (Note: New Number) approaching Santa Ana. We were hoping for the new bi-level equipment but no such luck. Would have been nice to at least have had a full length dome in the consist.

(61K) Dorie and Andrew (passing I think Anaheim Station) inside Horizon Coach on Amtrak Pacific Surfliner #765.

(62K) Nathan (passing I think Anaheim Station) inside Horizon Coach on Amtrak Pacific Surfliner #765.

(62K) Railfan friend Les Higa inside Horizon Coach on Amtrak Pacific Surfliner #765. Already has ear bud connected up with his scanner.

(42K) Amtrak Pacific Surfliner #765 rounding the tight curve at Redondo Junction passing Redondo Tower. By some time next year Amtrak (and Metrolink) will be using a new flyover (over the Alameda Corridor) and so this shot won't be possible much longer.

(42K) Passing Redondo Tower for one of the last times. Hopefully this tower will be preserved somewhere.

(35K) View of Redondo Roundhouse area (minus the roundhouse which was demolished). Amtrak F40PH, Switcher (SW1000?), ATSF #3751 4-8-4, ATSF Tool Car, Roundtable.

(60K) View of Amtrak facilities with Pacific Surfliner and Superliner Sightseer Lounge equipment visible.

(50K) Andrew enjoying his trip past the Amtrak coach yard.

(62K) Dorie, Andrew, Nathan (and partially Les) at Los Angeles Union Station waiting for our train to be brought into station. We met SuperDave on the platform. In the background is the Amtrak Southwest Chief #3 which arrived late. We had to wait at Fullerton Junction for #3 to depart the station.

(62K) AMTK #381 F40PH in Pacific Surfliner paint scheme was the lead unit of our train! It was later dropped off at Oakland.

(60K) Front view of AMTK #381 F40PH in Pacific Surfliner paint scheme.

(57K) Another view of AMTK #381 F40PH in Pacific Surfliner paint scheme.

(54K) While waiting for departure of our train the American Orient Express pulled into the station completing its trip from Seattle.

(59K) Now THIS is a Parlor Car!

(67K) Nathan enjoying a bowl of Frosted Flakes in the Pacific Parlour Car (ex-Santa Fe hi-level lounge).

(66K) Nathan in the Pacific Parlour Car while climbing the hills in the Santa Susana Pass. I really love this part of the trip as you have just left the cities for some beautiful hills.

(60K) Andrew and Nathan in the Kiddie Car watching a video. Lots of toys to play with but just like Daddy they are glued to the TV. Nathan has the pose (mouth wide open) like I did when I was his age. Passing Simi Valley station.

(60K) Nathan and Andrew downstairs in the Theater of the Pacific Parlour Car which is equipped with a 35" Sony TV, Hi-Fi VCR, and Surround Sound System.

(55K) Andrew, Dorie, and Nathan in the Dining Car playing with their "Thomas" engines while waiting for lunch.

(59K) The BEAUTIFUL Pacific Coast right outside your window!

(58K) Nathan and Andrew trying out the small beds in the Family Room.

(64K) Nathan really loved sleeping "upstairs" and Andrew loved having his own bed instead of a crib like at home.

(72K) Amtrak Coast Starlight #14 at San Luis Obispo (SLO).

(64K) Looking south at SLO down the long train (5 coaches). Les Higa is taking a photo of the head-end power.

(145K) Scanned panoramic shot looking north at SLO toward the head-end. Les Higa admiring the train.

(72K) SLO is a crew change point and so the stop is a bit longer. Southbound Coast Starlight #11 is supposed to arrive at SLO before #14 but #11 was running late today so we met #11 at Santa Margarita.

(56K) Shot of our train (taken from the last coach) rounding the Horseshoe Curve in Cuesta Pass just North of SLO.

(58K) Shot of our power (taken from the last coach) rounding the Horseshoe Curve in Cuesta Pass just North of SLO.

(57K) Les Higa and Steven Reynolds eating dinner in the diner fully equipped for railfanning; Les with his Radio Shack scanner and antenna, and Steven with his portable GPS unit.

(0K) After the last photo I must have put the camera in my pants pocket with the lens extracted. Later I must have squished the lens as it now has a crack and the camera won't take a photo so this is the end of the photos... :-(

(95K) Scanned photo of Andrew, me, and Nathan in front of the Mt Hood Railroad caboose as we watched the excursion train depart.

(98K) Scanned photo of beautiful Multnomah Falls in Oregon. Railfans will enjoy the UPRR tracks on the other side of the highway.

Amtrak Coast Starlight #14 Consist for May 23, 2001

..381 F40PH Pacific Surfliner Paint Scheme (removed in Oakland)
..115 P42DC Phase III
..120 P42DC Phase III
.1731 Express Baggage
39028 Superliner II Transition Sleeper
32092 Superliner II Sleeper "Mississippi"
32082 Superliner II Sleeper "Indiana"
32110 Superliner II Sleeper "Tennessee"
39970 ex-ATSF Hi-Level Lounge Pacific Parlour Car
38040 Superliner Dining Car
33027 Superliner II Sightseer Lounge Car
34101 Superliner II Coach
34515 Superliner I Coach/Kiddie Car
34106 Superliner II Coach
34043 Superliner II Coach
34114 Superliner II Coach
(2 Swift Roadrailers added in Oakland)

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All Photos © 2001 Michael Kimura