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Kenosha Harborpark, with PCCs crowded

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Making their third Fourth of July parade around the two-mile track at the Kenosha lakefront, historic PCC streetcars carried their share of the crowds surging toward the east and its open spaces in Harborpark prior to nightfall and start of the annual fireworks display. But they scarcely dominated the activities.

As supper hour faded toward 8:00 PM, 90 minutes before the fireworks display was due to start, every path eastward was busy with fireworks viewers finding their way to a favorite location overlooking Lake Michigan or the Kenosha harbor. Much of Harborpark, partly visible in the distance, teemed with families laying out blankets and chatting after riding east on one of three PCC streetcars circulating through the district.

Flags flying at Navy Park, overlooking the harbor beside the Municipal Building, display some of the tribute and respect paid to the Founding Fathers on this Independence Day.
Several blocks south, an airslide enshrouded in a mockup of the Titanic amused kids too energetic to sit with their parents.

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