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Titelock Coupler samples "Tite-lock" Coupler Examples
These couplers feature an extra mortise and tenon arrangement.   Since the design limits the vertical misalignment, versions of this coupler are used on passenger trains to reduce the possibility of uncoupling at speed.
This version was installed on Santa Fe's Gold PA when it was photographed in Los Angeles, 9/1960.  Original Photo from J. S. Foster collection  downloaded from World Wide Web.  (If you have further information on the location of this source, email me.)
This version is currently installed on the former PRR passenger car Colonial Crafts. Original digital photo shot by Nathan Havercroft on May 6th, 2001 during Fullerton Railroad Days 2001.
Titelock couplers are available commercially at Illinois Transit Assembly Corp. 
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Additional information on various coupler types allowed and not allowed is avaiable from
Great Lakes RailcarClick here for their Couplers and Draft Gear web page.