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The "Beep" at Barstow 2009 The "Beep" at Barstow 2009

All photos taken during the NMRA/PSR Cajon Division event at Barstow, CA, October 16-18, 2009.
© 2009 Jim Fuhrman. All rights reserved.  Contact the photographer for permission before using.

ATSF 1460 side view
ATSF 1460 Red Tag
The red tag primarily because the batterues have been removed to prevent corrosion. On the right, notice the empty horn stand on the cab roof.
ATSF1460 Cab End
ATSF1460 detail
ATSF 1460 Detail
ATSF 1460 Cab exit
ATSF 1460 Fire Extinguisher
ATSF 1460 Control Seat
The control stand in this location verifies that the long hood is the Front.
ATSF 1460 Exit Steps
The photo on the right shows that the trucks have been modified to support 2 brake pads per side.
ATSF 1460 Fueling
ATSF 1460 Truck
ATSF 1460 Hood
ATSF 1460 Hood
ATSF 1460 Hood End
Camera: HP Photosmart M632 (7.1 Megapixels) All images reduced to fit page.