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5945 was wrecked and repaired in 1978. * 5995 missed being painted in the 1986 pre-merger "Kodachrome" livery.

Update from 01/17/1999
(based on reports from the Santa Fe discussion list)
95 is dead at Barstow.

Update from 03/26/1999
(new information from the list)
95 has been donated to Western America Railroad Museum, Barstow, CA.

Update from 4/21/2001  (Click here for photo by Nathan Havercroft, taken that date.)
95 has been receiving repairs, with some work having progressed in the cooling systems, along with installation of a working turbo.  Hopefully, repairing a cracked cylinder will be enough to restore 95 to working order.  The unit is still in need of a good cleaning and repaint, along with minor other repairs.

Update from 10/9/2008  Sadly, the unit's traction motor cables have suffered some sawzall technology and been removed by vandalls.  The likelihood of this unit ever operating again is nill. :-(

Links to photos of 95:

Update from 9/6/99
Ed Martin stopped by Barstow this summer and took several photos of 95.
Click here to see some samples.

Update from 2/7/2000
Paul Brown took this shot early in the morning of June 23, 1999 at Barstow.

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