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93 was the only Santa Fe FP45/SDFP45 to have been painted in each of the 11 incarnations.

Update from 01/17/1999
(based on reports from the Santa Fe discussion list)
90 & 93 are in Topeka having arrived there
Dead In Consist along with the "Beep" 1460;

Update from 03/26/1999
(new information from the list)
BNSF donated 93 to the Great Plains Transportation Museum
located at 700 East Douglas Ave in Wichita.
Updated 7/4/99

Photo of the Great Plains Transportation Museum accepting delivery of  93
on June 7, 1999,

by Fred Tefft, copyright 1999.

Update from 2004 SFRMHS Convention in Witchita, Photos posted by Rick Duncan:

Picture 58  Picture 59  Picture 60  Picture 61  Picture 62            

Links to other photos of 93:

Here's a head-on shot of 5943 taken in January of 1994 by Greg Martin
(copyright 1974,1999 by Greg Martin) from the collection of Ed Martin.

Here's 5943 stored in Barstow 4/13/75
(photo Copyright 1974, 1999 by Ed Martin).

Here's 5993 in Kodachrome livery, from Evan Werkema

Here's a shot by Evan Werkema of 93 in November of 1988, still on the mainline.

Update from 7/23/99
Richard Hitchcock captured this post delivery shot of  93 at the GPTM.
(It is reported that 93 needs a new main generator but is otherwise in fairly good shape.)
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