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ATSF GP39-2 Early Result of the Kitbash;
GP39-2 Left side View

Pilot Plow adaptation:

Pilot adaptation
I started with the GP38-2 shell, factory painted.  I sanded down the radiator section roof and rebuilt it with correct spacing of the fans and grilles to represent the early phase. I removed the factory billboard Santa Fe, and swapped out the dynamic brake insert with one from a GP40-2.  The hardest part was rebuilding the stepwells with the rectangular variety.  I fixed a built-up section around the forward coupler box to support the plow, so the shell could still be removed by lifting it straight up off the frame.
I hand painted the stepwells, and the DB/radiator area and applied new billboard lettering from Microscale.  I renumbered the unit with a correct 3659, and added the roof details.  The entire unit was first coated with dullcoat then a satin finish.