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Santa Fe's CF7 Rebuild Program-Photo Highlights
CF7: "Cleburne F7" or  "Converted F7"
      In Early 1970, the Santa Fe shops in Cleburne, Texas, began what is probably the most ambitious locomotive rebuild program by any United States railroad.  They stripped off the shells of  F3, F7 and F9 cab units, rebuilt the frame and converted what was to finally total 233 covered wagons into hood units.  This program extended the lifetime of these units to as much as a half-century.  This page describes several of the main variants of this program, which spanned the time of two liveries.
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Originally F3 22C, CF7 2626 emerged from Cleburne in March of 1972 as a "plain vanilla" CF7, with the then-standard blue and yellow trim "pinstripe" livery, rounded cab and two-stack exhaust.  Units released up until June of 1972 would all have an appearance similar to this.


Later units have a different look:
Originally F7 302L, CF7 2557 has a rounded Cab, a four-stack exhaust and beefed-up side sills. Having been released from Cleburne in August, 1973, it sports the blue and yellow warbonnet livery, and is typical of  units rebuilt  from July, 1972 up through 1976.  (Only three units, 2614-2616, were built with a two-stack exhaust and painted in the warbonnet livery.)

Another unit with rounded Cab, four-stack exhaust and beefed-up side sills:

Originally F7 331L[2nd] (formerly 307C), CF7 2444 has an angled "Topeka" Cab and rooftop air conditioner, a four-stack exhaust and beefed-up side sills, and is typical of units rebuilt from 1977 onwards.
This photo also shows the Sinclair antenna mounted above the headlights.

Additional Photos of CF7s that made it off the ATSF system are available at these sites:
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Photo Credits:
All photos above have been cropped from their originals and resized to fit this page and some digitally enhanced.
- ATSF2557 source unknown. found on www.
Remainder found from Qstation and the APBR Index of ATSF Photos,
from postings on " ABPR Archive"
  • ATSF #302 by Joseph Testagrose. Posted 02/18/1999.
  • ATSF #2444 by Ben Ehni. Posted 06/21/1999.
  • ATSF #2480 by Joseph Testagrose. Posted 02/09/1999.
  • ATSF #2626 by Ben Ehni. Posted 06/17/1999.