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Rail Safety is Everyone's Responsibility The Swift Reefer project
Welcome to Jim Fuhrman's home page.

Current Topics:
The Beep At Barstow 2009    and     The Barstow Flyer 2009
Santa Fe FT-F3-F7-F9-CF7 Resource Web Site
EMD F2-F3-F5-F7-F9 Phase Charts
Includes EMD deliveries and AT&SF plus Pennsy details 
Santa Fe GP7 configurations
Condensed Table or Complete 156KB Table w rebuild info
Tuning up Athearn and other HO scale locomotives.
Close? to the final page on Santa Fe's FP45/SDFP45 locomotives.
Modeling Santa Fe's "Big Jacks"
Modeling a Santa Fe GP39-2
And here's the "Kodachrome" C30-7s
Penn Central GP38 and GP38-2Information
Titelock Coupler Examples
The Swift Reefer Project (Updated with construction photos)
Santa Fe's White Reefers
And- this collaboration with Warren Calloway:
Seaboard Air Line Baldwin Switchers
Orange County Module Railroaders, Inc.

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