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Ore Bridge Model - Details Added

Ore Bridge Model

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Details Added

(It's all over but the paintin')


It's been a long, hot summer, with precious little time available to work on the ore bridge. When I was almost ready to add the gusset plates, I examined some photos more closely and concluded that my span was too screwed-up to be usable. So I made the painful decision to build an entirely new span and extension - I gave it the codename "OB2." This delayed my project another two months, but I believe the results were worth the trouble. Luckily it's nearly completed, and I have the photos to prove it.


This thing is absolute hell to photograph, though - I couldn't gather enough blue posterboard to hide the background clutter when trying to get all-inclusive shots! Oh well...


Here is a right-front 3/4 view of the bridge, including the forward tunnel frame.

A head-on view...

A left side, all-inclusive view...

Close-up of the left rear, with tram parked at access platform.

A left-front 3/4 view with the extension span raised.


Now comes the hard part: PAINTING! (i.e., not the actual painting itself, but the preliminary cleaning and prep work.)


Maybe I'll see you in Malvern on September 24...



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