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Indian Railways Timetables
India's railway system is Asia's largest. The network covers a route length of over 62,000 km and it is serviced by over 7,000 stations and 11,000 trains. The following links provide information on a portion of that service:

Official IR Timetable Page

Western Railway: 26 Major Trains

Western Railway: Mumbai Arrivals and Departures

Konkan Railway Timetable - Home Page





IR Timetable Pages

Shatabdi Express Trains

Rajdhani Express Trains

Bombay departures and arrivals

Bangalore (all departures and arrivals)

Calcutta (all major Express trains)

Hyderabad and Secunderabad

Pune(Shows Bombay Arrival and Departure times for trains going to or from Southern Railways)

Major express trains (all of India)

Shatabti express trains (all of India)

Service Between Bangalore and Madras

Two new sites Search the timetables for your information : Railway Timetables to/from Mumbai (be aware not all trains run daily)

Searchable Railway Timetables (be aware times are endpoints only and check direction)

Scanned Timetable Pages

Delhi-Kanpur-Allahabad-Varanasi-Patna-Dhanbad-Howrah (Delhi-Patna section only)


Delhi-Kanpur-Allahabad-Varanasi-Patna-Dhanbad-Howrah (Patna-Calcutta Section Only)

Howrah(Calcutta)-Dhanbad-Patna-Varanasi-Allahabad-Kanpur-Delhi (Calcutta-Patna Section)

Delhi-Agra-Jhansi-Bhopal-Bhusaval-Mumbai (Delhi-Agra-Jhansi-Bhopal-Itarsi Section only)


Delhi-Agra-Jhansi-Bhopal-Bhusaval-Mumbai and Mumbai-Bhusaval-Bhopal-Jhansi-Agra-New Delhi (Itarsi-Mumbai sections only)

Mumbai-Bhusaval-Bhopal-Jhansi-Agra-New Delhi

Mumbai-Bhusaval-Bhopal-Jhansi-Agra-New Delhi (Itarsi-New Delhi)

Palace on Wheels. Royal Orient. Indrail Passes.
The original Palace-on-Wheels train no longer operates with authentic Royal coaches. Two new trains have been built one for meter guage track and one for broad guage. The modern airconditioned luxury trains are now pulled by a diesel locomotives. The itinerary covers an eight night/seven day trip through the historic cities of Agra, Jodhpur, and Bharatpur. The service is opulent and pricy. The service is a joint venture of Rajasthan Tourism Developement Corporation and Indian Railways.

Fairy Queen-Delhi to Alwar and a tiger sanctuary.

The ROYAL Orient- Memories of a Lost World.

Rail Weekender Holidays

Popular rail circuits have been introduced to allow urban indians access to major tourist destinations on the Friday evening trains. Some of the tours available:
  • "Sabarmati Revisited" Bombay-Delhi-Jaipur-Ahmeddabad
  • "Shrine and Sarovar" Delhi-Udaipur-Indore to Ajmer
  • Madras-Coimbatore-Ooty
  • Madras-Salem
  • Madras-Trichy-Thanjavur
  • Madras-Kanknyakumari.
  • "Pilgrims' Progress" Delhi to Mata Vaishno Devi via Jammu

  • Guidebook : India By Rail


    Rail Map of India (showing zones)

    Rail Map Southern Railway

    Rail Maps from Central Railway

    Rail Map of Punjab

    Rail Map of Rajasthan

    Rail Map of Gujarat

    Rail Map of Maharashra

    Rail Map of Goa

    Rail Map of Karnatika (Konkan Ry not shown)

    Rail Map of Kerala

    Rail Map of TamilNadu

    Rail Map of Andhra Pradesh

    Rail Map of Punjab

    Rail Map of Orissa

    Rail Map of West Bengal

    Rail Map of Madhya Pradesh

    Rail Map of Uttar Pradesh

    Rail Map of Haryana

    Rail Map of Bihar

    Rail Map of Himachal Pradesh

    Suburban Rail Map of Mumbai

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