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Foothill Rails--Mountain Quarries Mysteries
Mystery #1

I recieved this photo from a family friend. It seems to show a railcar/speeder of
some sort crossing the "No Hands Bridge". According to the background story,
a steam engine has just crossed the bridge as indicated by the plume to the right
in the photo. Also this photo was taken from the original Hwy 49 bridge. I have
no evidence to indicate whether the Mountain Quarries RR had or didn't have any railcars/speeders
but most railroads did.

Mystery #2

From the beginning of researching this railroad, a consistant rumor has arisen time and again.
It goes like this, supposedly one of the locomotives derailed and the boiler is still in the canyon.
There have been many sightings of the "locomotive boiler" but no exact location until recently. (Keep
in mind I also have all the dispositions for each steam locomotive this railroad had.) Hal Hall of the
Western States Trail Foundation led myself and Mike Lynch, ranger of the Auburn SRA, to the spot. Consensus
has this now as a tractor boiler but no determinate ID has been made. Research continues.

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If you can shed some light on these mysteries, please email me.

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