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EMD 32500 to 32599

32500 to 32599

Serial #Built DateOrder NumberModelRoad No.Road No. Road No.Road No.Road No.Road No.
32500.67710765G16BrazilVitoria a Minas 638....
32501.67710766G16BrazilVitoria a Minas 639....
32502.67710767G16BrazilVitoria a Minas 640....
3250302.67710768G16BrazilVitoria a Minas 641....
3250411.664506-SW1500MNS 36SOO 1400....
3250512.664506-SW1500MNS 37SOO 1401....
3250610.665722-SD45ATSF 1830ATSF 5530ATSF 5498ATSF 5407WC 6597.
32507.665722-SD45ATSF 1831ATSF 5531....
3250810.665722-3SD45ATSF 1832ATSF 5532ATSF 5366MKM 5366Rebuilt to SD40-2CEFX 3145
3250910.665722-SD45ATSF 1833ATSF 5533ATSF 5358...
3251010.665722-SD45ATSF 1834ATSF 5534ATSF 5320WC 6592..
3251110.665722-SD45ATSF 1835ATSF 5535ATSF 5351 Rebuilt to SD40M-3SP 8623UP 2699
3251210.665722-7SD45ATSF 1836ATSF 5536ATSF 5365MKM 5365Rebuilt to SD40-2CEFX 3141
3251310.665722-8SD45ATSF 1837ATSF 5537ATSF 5329WC 6601..
32514.665722-SD45ATSF 1838ATSF 5538ATSF 5363wrecked Corona, CA 11.07.90..
3251510.665722-SD45ATSF 1839ATSF 5539ATSF 5347MKCX 9535HLCX 6523.
32516.665722-SD45ATSF 1840ATSF 5540ATSF 5345...
3251711.665722-SD45ATSF 1841ATSF 5541ATSF 5496ATSF 5405WC 6594.
32518.665722-SD45ATSF 1842ATSF 5542ATSF 5308WC 6585..
32519.665722-SD45ATSF 1843ATSF 5543ATSF 5359...
32520.665722-SD45ATSF 1844ATSF 5544ATSF 5321WC 6593..
32521.665722-SD45ATSF 1845ATSF 5545ATSF 5432sfs Pacific Rail Dismantling .1991..
32522.665722-SD45ATSF 1846ATSF 5546ATSF 5314...
32523.665722-SD45ATSF 1847ATSF 5547ATSF 5340Rebuilt to SD45BATSF 5502 :2to NREX
3252411.665722-SD45ATSF 1848ATSF 5548ATSF 5355...
3252511.665722-SD45ATSF 1849ATSF 5549ATSF 5341WC 6608sfs KTEX 08.03.
32526.665722-SD45ATSF 1850ATSF 5550ATSF 5427sfs Pacific Rail Dismantling .1991..
3252711.665722-SD45ATSF 1851ATSF 5551ATSF 5499ATSF 5408WC 6596.
32528.665722-SD45ATSF 1852ATSF 5552ATSF 5318Rebuilt to SD40-3UP 4748 :1UP 2798CEFX 2798
32529.665722-SD45ATSF 1853ATSF 5553ATSF 5323WC 6593..
32530.665722-SD45ATSF 1854ATSF 5554ATSF 5330scrapped BNSF
Topeka, KS 11.99
3253111.665722-SD45ATSF 1855ATSF 5555ATSF 5368...
3253211.665722-SD45ATSF 1856ATSF 5556ATSF 5362MKCX 9541HLCX 6512.
32533.665722-SD45ATSF 1857ATSF 5557ATSF 5326scrapped BNSF
Topeka, KS 11.99
32534.665722-SD45ATSF 1858ATSF 5558ATSF 5367...
3253511.665722-SD45ATSF 1859ATSF 5559ATSF 5364...
3253611.665722-SD45ATSF 1860ATSF 5560ATSF 5357...
32537.665722-32SD45ATSF 1861ATSF 5561ATSF 5331WC 6602..
32538.665722-SD45ATSF 1862ATSF 5562ATSF 5352...
32539.665722-SD45ATSF 1863ATSF 5563ATSF 5338BNSF 6405..
3254012.665722-SD45ATSF 1864ATSF 5564ATSF 5353...
32541.665722-SD45ATSF 1865ATSF 5565ATSF 5304WC 6581..
32542.665722-SD45ATSF 1866ATSF 5566ATSF 5365MKM 5365GCFX 3141.
3254312.665722-38SD45ATSF 1867ATSF 5567ATSF 5348MKM 5348Rebuilt to SD40-2CEFX 3143
32544.665722-SD45ATSF 1868ATSF 5568....
3254512.665722-SD45ATSF 1869ATSF 5569ATSF 5301WC 6579..
32546.665722-SD45ATSF 1870ATSF 5570ATSF 5305WC 6582..
32547.665722-SD45ATSF 1871ATSF 5571ATSF 5315WC 6588..
32548.665722-SD45ATSF 1872ATSF 5572ATSF 5426sfs Pacific Rail Dismantling .1991..
32549.665722-SD45ATSF 1873ATSF 5573ATSF 5306WC 6583..
32550.665722-SD45ATSF 1874ATSF 5574ATSF 5336to MKCX..
3255112.665722-SD45ATSF 1875ATSF 5575ATSF 5337WC 6606..
32552.665722-SD45ATSF 1876ATSF 5576ATSF 5346...
3255312.665722-48SD45ATSF 1877ATSF 5577ATSF 5350MKCX 9536HLCX 7008.
32554.665722-SD45ATSF 1878ATSF 5578....
32555.665722-SD45ATSF 1879ATSF 5579....
32556.665722-SD45ATSF 1880ATSF 5580ATSF 5332...
3255712.665722-52SD45ATSF 1881ATSF 5581Rebuilt to SD45BATSF 5501Rebuilt to SD50-3DME 5000MPEX 5000
32558.665722-SD45ATSF 1882ATSF 5582ATSF 5429sfs Pacific Rail Dismantling .1991..
3255912.665722-SD45ATSF 1883ATSF 5583ATSF 5300WC 6578..
32560.665722-SD45ATSF 1884ATSF 5584ATSF 5436BNSF 6417..
3256112.665722-56SD45ATSF 1885ATSF 5585ATSF 5344WC 6610..
3256212.665722-SD45ATSF 1886ATSF 5586ATSF 5349...
3256312.665722-SD45ATSF 1887ATSF 5587ATSF 5328WC 6600sfs LTEX 07.03.
32564.665722-SD45ATSF 1888ATSF 5588ATSF 5434BNSF 6415..
32565.665722-SD45ATSF 1889ATSF 5589ATSF 5433sfs Pacific Rail Dismantling .1991..
3256612.667940-1GP40CBQ 170BN 3000Rebuilt to GP40MBN 3509BNSF 3008.
3256712.667940-2GP40CBQ 171BN 3001Rebuilt to GP40MBN 3514..
3256812.667940-GP40CBQ 172BN 3002Rebuilt to GP40E
on Order# 877050
BN 3550..
3256912.667940-GP40CBQ 173BN 3003Rebuilt to GP40-2FEC 435..
3257012.667940-5GP40CBQ 174BN 3004Rebuilt to GP40E
on Order# 877050
BN 3551..
3257112.667940-GP40CBQ 175BN 3005Rebuilt to GP40E
on Order# 877050
BN 3552..
3257212.667940-7GP40CBQ 176BN 3006Rebuilt to GP40MBN 3500BNSF 3000.
3257312.667940-8GP40CBQ 177BN 3007Rebuilt to GP40MBN 3501BNSF 3001.
3257412.667940-GP40CBQ 178BN 3008Rebuilt to GP40E
on Order# 877050
BN 3553..
3257512.667940-GP40CBQ 179BN 3009Rebuilt to GP40E
on Order# 877050
BN 3554..
3257612.667940-11GP40CBQ 180BN 3010Rebuilt to GP40MBN 3512BNSF 3011.
3257712.667940-GP40CBQ 181BN 3011Rebuilt to GP40E
on Order# 877050
BN 3555..
3257812.667940-13GP40CBQ 182BN 3012Rebuilt to GP40MBN 3515BNSF 3014.
3257912.667940-14GP40CBQ 183BN 3013NHL 3013UP 885..
3258012.667940-GP40CBQ 184BN 3014wrecked 08.79sfs Smith Bros 02.80..
3258112.667940-16GP40CBQ 185BN 3015Rebuilt to GP40MBN 3510BNSF 3009.
3258212.667940-17GP40CBQ 186BN 3016Rebuilt to GP40MBN 3511BNSF 3010.
3258312.667940-18GP40CBQ 187BN 3017Rebuilt to GP40MBN 3502wrecked Simmons, TX 07.30.91scrapped
3258412.667940-GP40CBQ 188BN 3018wrecked 08.79scrapped BN 01.80..
3258512.667940-20GP40CBQ 189BN 3019Rebuilt to GP40MBN 3516BNSF 3015.
3258602.677941-1SW1000INLX 118VIA 204....
3258712.664507-1SW1000INLX 117VIA 203....
3258812.667942-GP40RI 362.....
3258912.667942-GP40RI 363.....
3259012.667942-GP40RI 364UP 622MP 622DME 4004..
3259112.667942-GP40RI 365.....
3259212.667942-GP40RI 366.....
3259312.667942-GP40RI 367.....
3259412.667942-GP40RI 368UP 626MP 626Rebuilt toMNCR 4189.
32595.667942-GP40RI 369.....
32596.667942-GP40RI 370.....
3259712.667942-GP40RI 371Rebuilt to GP40M-2SSW 7274...
3259812.667942-GP40RI 372Rebuilt toMNCR 4188...
3259912.667942-GP40RI 373.....
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Updated 04.26.2005