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TTC 4673
[TTC 4673]
TTC 'A-11' CLASS PCC - 4673

The TTC seized the opportunity in 1952 to purchase 50 Pullman-built second-hand PCC cars from the Cleveland Transit System. Numbered 4200-4249 in Cleveland, they became TTC 4625-4674. These cars had been constructed with wiring and other items for multiple-unit operation built in. However, Cleveland's plans for MU operation did not materialize. As the cars arrived in Toronto, they were put into service as single units. In late 1953 and early 1954, the cars were taken into TTC's Hillcrest shops to fully equip them for MU operation. Cars 4627 and 4656 were the only two cars to be fully MU equipped before entering service with the TTC. This was done in order for the TTC to test the conversion program on this group of cars.

Southbound car 4673, ex-Cleveland 4248, enters the intersection of Roncesvalles and Queen on May 20, 1981.