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TTC 409
[TTC 409
TTC 'R' CLASS - 409

Car 409 is one of eight similar cars, numbered 409-416, transferred to the T.T.C. from the Toronto & York Radial Railway on January 12, 1927. Built by the Ottawa Car Company in 1924 and 1925, they were originally a double ended radial car equipped for MU operation.

In 1929, they were converted to two-man single-end city cars, complete with a conductors stand. The second set of controls was left in place and boxed over as there was uncertainty about their again being required for radial service. In the mid-1930's, they were returned to their original configuration as double ended cars for use on the North Yonge Railway line, being the only cars to operate on the line during its 18-year history.

The cars were removed from service with the closure of the North Yonge Railway in 1948, with all but #416 being sold for scrap in the winter of 1949-50. Car 416 was used as a residence for a number of years before it was acquired by the Halton County Radial Railway Museum at Milton, ON.

The complete history of this group of cars is covered in Upper Canada Railway Society Bulletin 44 published in June 1956. Bulletin 40, published in December 1954 by the U.C.R.S, chronicles their use on the North Yonge Railway.