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TTC 4044
[TTC 4044]
TTC 'A-1' CLASS PCC - 4044

On March 8, 1938, an order was placed with Canadian Car & Foundry of Montreal, PQ, for 140 PCC cars. The car bodies were fabricated by St. Louis Car Co., the trucks by the Clark Equipment Co. The unfinished shells were shipped to C.C.&F. at Montreal where the cars were outfitted and painted prior to shipment to Toronto. Numbered 4000-4139, these cars were of the 'air-electric' design, and the first PCC's acquired by Toronto. Many cars from this class were shipped to Alexandria, Egypt in the 1966-68 period after being retired by the TTC.

This unique view shows 4044, at the High Park Loop, on an Upper Canada Railway Society fantrip in 1966.