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TTC 324
[TTC 324]
TTC 'A-2' CLASS - 324

Car 324 was built in the Toronto Railway Company shops in 1892. The car body was 18 feet long with the overall length of the car being 27' 8". The car spent a very short time in the Toronto Transportation Commission fleet being retired by late summer 1922.
A photo on page 6 of the book, 'The Toronto Civic Railways: An Illustrated History' by
J. William Hood shows 324 in service on the Harbord route in 1921.

In early October 1922, a huge forest fire was raging in Northern Ontario. Around noon on October 4th, the wind shifted driving the flames towards many small settlements and communities. Within hours, forty-three people had died, 1565 families left homeless.

The town of Haileybury was one of the communities hardest hit. With cold weather quickly approaching, the T.T.C. sent a number of retired streetcars to provide shelters for the citizens of Haileybury. Car 324 was one of those sent. A picture of 324 being used as a home appears on page 122 of the book, 'Tri-Town Trolleys: The Story of the Nipissing Central Railway' by Norman Helm, as well as the book, 'On a Streak of Lightning: Electric Railways in Canada' by J. Edward Martin, page 121.