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TTC 2208
[TTC 2208]
TTC 'F' CLASS - 2208

Between 1915 and 1917, the Toronto Civic Railways acquired eight Birney type cars from Preston Car & Coach. Cars 50 to 52 were delivered in January 1915 to be used on the new Bloor Street West line, which extended from Dundas Street to Quebec Avenue at the time. Four more cars, numbered 53 to 56, came in October 1915 to equip the new Lansdowne route. The final car, 57, arrived in January 1917. It was purchased when a temporary extension was added to the Bloor Street route (west to Runnymede Road).

After the TTC inherited the cars in 1921, they retained their TCR numbers. Finally in 1923, they were renumbered 2200 to 2214 (even numbers). The cars remained in regular service for another three years, mainly as rush hour extras.

In 1926, the cars were put into storage at the Eglingon Division yard. There they sat until December 1932 when a decision was made to convert them to scrapers. The seats were removed and air-operated scraper blades installed. In this service, car 2208 was assigned to Eglington Division where this photograph was taken in 1948.