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NS&T 622
[NS&T 622]

The Windsor, Essex and Lake Shore Rapid Railway Company began service in 1907 when a 27-mile section of line was opened from Windsor, through the Town of Essex, to Kingsville. On April 10, 1908, the line was extended another nine miles to Leamington. The high-speed line operated on twenty-five cycle AC current fed into the overhead line at 6,600 volts. The railway employed heavy steel framed passenger cars.

In 1930, the line was rehabilitated by the Hydro-Electric Commission of Ontario who were operating the line for the municipalities. New track was layed, new poles installed and a switch was made to 600-volt DC operation. Five new cars were also purchased from Ottawa Car in 1930. Four, numbered 501, 503, 505 & 507, were light-weight motor cars seating 50 passengers each, while the fifth, numbered 502, was a matching non-motorized parlour car.

The effects of the depression resulted in reduced revenues and the WE&LS shut down on September 15, 1932. The cars were held in storage until purchased by the Montreal and Southern Counties in 1939. WE&LS 501, 503, 505 & 507 became M&SC 621, 622, 623 & 620 respectively while 502 became 220. In 1956, cars 620, 622 & 623 were transferred to the NS&T where they retained the same numbers. Trailer car 220 was also moved to the NS&T and was used as a parts source only. M&SC 621 went to the Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport, ME in 1955. Apparently, some of the WE&LS right-of-way can still be seen today as well a few remaining structures.

Car 622 appears to be sitting still at Beaverdams, between stops 4 and 5 on the Welland Subdivision. The white flags indicate that the car is operating as an 'extra', possibly a fan trip. The date is Sunday September 28, 1958.