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2666, seen here at the Long Branch Loop in 1954, was part of a 50 car order (2580-2678 even nos.) constructed by J.G. Brill in 1922 at the former Preston Car & Coach Co. plant in Preston, Ontario. Originally Class 'C', they were changed to 'M' class in 1923. This group of cars was retired and sold for scrap in 1953-54.

John F. Bromley, co-author of Fifty Years of Progressive Transit: A History of the Toronto Transit Commission, has kindly provided the following information on this group of cars.

The Brill Witts entered service for break-in on the BROADVIEW route in 1922. In May of 1922 they were assigned to St Clair Carhouse for the AVENUE ROAD service and all 50 cars were allocated there until January 1923, when small Witts took over AVENUE ROAD on a gradual basis. At that time the first 35 Brill Witts were gradually reassigned, as more small Witts became available, to DUNDAS out of Dundas Carhouse, while the last 15 went back to Danforth Carhouse for allocation once again to BROADVIEW and occasionally QUEEN (which ran from Danforth until July 1, 1923. On July 1, 1923 the 2650-2678 group were operated on KING, BLOOR, CARLTON and occasionally COLLEGE EAST TRIPPER (later renamed CARLTON EAST TRIPPER). Some KING runs changed over with cars from Roncesvalles and those cars occasionally appeared on LAKESHORE and BEACH, although rare (photo evidence of LAKESHORE only) while CARLTON and BLOOR cars changing over with cars from Lansdowne Carhouse were occasionally assigned to COLLEGE. From early 1925 they were also assigned, from Danforth Carhouse, to SHERBOURNE TRIPPER and ran with trailers on that route (schedule summary evidence of Witts on SHERBOURNE is in my possession), avoiding the bridge as all runs operated between Danforth Carhouse and downtown.

In 1931 the 35 cars at Dundas Carhouse were reallocated to Roncesvalles Carhouse and from that time operated from that division not only on DUNDAS but occasionally on KING and LAKES SHORE. In 1933 all 50 cars were reassigned to St Clair Carhouse for BAY service.