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Replace This File

Please replace this index.html file with your own index.html file.
You must have an index.html or index.htm file for your website to work properly.

(Note: If you upload an index.htm (3 letter extension) instead of an index.html (4 letter extension) file,
then you MUST delete this pre-loaded 4 letter extension index.html file. Otherwise, the wrong home page
may be displayed on your website.)
It is highly preferred that you name all your files with lowercase letters without embeded spaces.
Mixed case letters in filenames will work, but be aware that some computers do and some don't recognize
the difference between upper and lower case letters in file names.

Please visit the Frequently Asked Quesionts (FAQ) page at
for instructions on how to upload files to your new TrainWeb site and answers to other questions.

If you have further questions, please email steve @