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----- 1999 Cancer Survivor and 2002 Olympic Torchbearer -----
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I have made the decision to downsize CyberWorlds of Trains.

Check out my For Sale pages by clicking on the button below.

For Sale

Model Railroading

See the Photos of My Model Railroad which is For Sale! View Photos of My Model Railroad and a track plan of my model railroad which can be found here. View photos of my brother Leonard Herzman's Model Railroad.

Model Railroad

Photos of My Model Railroad

Railroad Photos

There are many samples of my Railroad Photos at the following link Railroad Photos. All Railroad Photos that are not by me have been removed. My Railroad Photos are for sale at $1.00 a photo. If you want some photos, e-mail me your list.

Railroad Photos

About Us

Torch Photos

There is information and photos at the About Us pages. I added the Olympic Torch Relay Photos - Page One and Olympic Torch Relay Photos - Page Two. I was part of the Salt Lake 2002, Winter Olympic Torch Relay, in the Lake Tahoe Region. Read the Article that appeared in The Inyo Register. As a cancer survivor, I carried the Olympic Torch on Sunday, January 20, 2002, in memory of those cancer victims that have passed on. I am leaving the information on my battle with cancer up in hopes that it may help someone who is currently battling cancer. Good News on Cancer - Round Two with more information on Colon Cancer - American Cancer Society. Click on the link below.

ACS Logo

Owens Valley & Sierras

Some of the information and photos of the Owens Valley & Sierras has been removed as I downsized this site. Information on my hiking and climbing in the Alabama Hills. View the Aerial Photos of the Alabama Hills. Visit the World Famous "Lone Pine Arch" in the Alabama Hills. Climb Three 10,000 foot Peaks in 31 days with me.

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