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CSX Railfans Magazine (NOV.99)


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Cumberland Shops

Visit one of CSX's busiest running repair facilities located in Cumberland, Maryland. Dennis Fisher takes us behind the scenesof this historical facility. From its humble beginnings with the B&O to todays CSX where Cumberland Shops hasn't missed a beat!



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  MARC commuter rail's 7100 Since its first days on the B&O, this lonely F-Unit had its work cut out for it. See the new look and read about the modern upgrades.
  Rough Weather Hurricane Floyd, with its brutal punch takes out more than what meets the eye in North Carolina! Power outages, high winds and flooding make for a rough week on all parts of CSX.
  GE's AC60CW's Bryan Jones gives us the ins and outs of GE's hottest and most powerful locomotive to date. Everything you could want to know about this beast
  Local CSX Takeover Though the eyes and ears of Patrick Phelan, we get a first hand account of the new owners in action on the exConrail, "Popes Creek Subdivision" in Maryland.
    Thanks for visiting us for our ONLY issue of CSX Railfan Magazine. We hope you have enjoyed seeing some of work. We hope we will have time in the future to update.
    Cover Photo - An eastbound helper engine rides the sunset through the beautiful Pennsylvania State countryside. Photo taken by our resident photographer Dennis Fisher
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  CSX Calendars 1999 & 2000 official CSX calendars, you can print these for a desktop version.

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