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Pieter Roos's Flat Car Conversion #2
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Connecticut S Gaugers

For Scale, Hirail and American Flyer S Gauge Model Railroaders

Pieter Roos's Flatcar Conversion #2

by Pieter Roos / Edited by Craig S. O'Connell


This is the very same flatcar that Pieter had converted from American Flyer years ago and displayed at a Connecticut S Gaugers meeting at Craig O'Connell's home. Having found more information, he re-detailed his original conversion and re-lettered it as CNW. A short list of parts and changes follows:

Original changes:

New steps and hand grabs from wire and staples.
Kadee HO couplers
MDC HO brakewheel (oversize for HO).
Wood deck from Campbell HO switch ties.
Polly Scale Primer for touchup paint.

New details:

Wiseman model services retainer valve.
Grandt On3 brake parts.
Standard Railway Castings etched Carmer cut levers.
Tomalco brake hoses.
Filled in end sill around coupler pockets with styrene.
Drilled out all stake pockets.
Decals "bashed" from lots of scraps and Champ alphabet.
Johnny Lightning Dodge ambulances for load. They are actually held on by the tie-downs, nothing is glued to the deck!


Pieter built this from an AF flat. In fact, the CNW car shown in the 1931 Car Builder's Dictionary IS the prototype for the AF flat, and Gilbert really made a decent model of the prototype. Not knowing it's prototype at the time Pieter left it with the original Illinois Central lettering.

CLICK HERE to see the original conversion article by Pieter.



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