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Jim Daniels' Page

The Chicago & Northwestern Railroad runs through Connecticut, at least at the home of CSG member Jim Daniels. Jim operates using mostly S Helper Service equipment on the new SHS track system. Jim is quite pleased with the appearance of the new track. Jim also owns one of the modules that the CT S Gaugers use on our modular layout for public train shows.

Photos by Pieter Roos. Text and layout by Craig S. O'Connell.

Jim Daniels enjoying his Chicago & Northwestern RR layout at his home in Amston, CT.

An S Helper Service Chicago & Northwestern freight makes its way along the mainline on Jim's layout.


Club members George Leidinger and Charlie Bettinger at the January, 2000 CSG meeting at Jim Daniel's home. The AF Pacific steamer is a dual smoking unit kitbashed by George.

Jim Daniels, Bill Fuhrman and Larry Hally at the CSG meeting.

The S-helper caboose in this photo is sitting on one of the BK-Enterprises' closed frog turnouts which Jim has just added to his layout.



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