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S Scale Model Railroading-Narrow Gauge



"S" Narrow Gauge - Sn3 and Sn2

By Craig S. O'Connell

Changes last made on:
September 3, 2009


Harold Minkwitz's On30 layout that is now being redone as the Pacific Coast Air Line RR in Sn3.5 circa 1870s. The On30 version was featured in Kalmbach's Model Railroad Planning 2007.



Smokey Mountain Model Works - Jim King makes Sn2 trucks.

Trout Creek Engineering--This company has the old TOMALCO line of D & RG narrow gauge cars. They will be adding to the line in D & RG and also SP ng and DSP & P.However, I'm told that they are offering the Tomalco Sn2 trucks -- see

The E-Mail address is

Clifford A. Mestel, who owns BK and Trout Creek, purchased Classic Miniatures and Taurus Products. The line includes 7 S scale buildings and 1 car kit plus some parts. Clifford intends to expand the line. 4/13/99


Portland Locomotive Works - Bill Banta (Banta Modelworks) has sold Portland Locomotive Works. Included are
Bigelow Station S, O
Maplewood Station HO, S, O
Alna Center HO, S, O
Kingfield Car Shop HO, S, O
Freelance 2 stall Engine house HO, O
Strong Engine house S, O

Portland Locomotive Works is dedicated to bringing to market models based on Maine two foot gauge prototypes, as well as plausible 24" and 30" gauge freelance models. PLW's line includes the former Chris Cardinal kits, which are gradually being upgraded and re-released. - WW&F Alna Station:  PLW makes a version of this small WW&F station.
Freight Car Trucks:  PLW makes brass freight car trucks for the Maine 2-Foot prototypes (4 versions can be made).
Bigelow Station: PLW first Sn2 structure offering is the Bigelow Station on the SR&RL.  It is a laser-cut structure.
Kingfield Car Shop:   See review of the HOn30 version in the Fall 2000 issue of M2FQ.
12-Pane Windows:  These 6 over 6 windows were used on many Maine Structures.
Maplewood Station:  Price as of 3/5/01 wasis $24.95 plus $2.00.

Please check prices before ordering.

Bigelow station $44.95
Kingfield car shop 44.95
Maplewood station 24.95
Prices as of October, 2001 Photos by Bob Hayden
Maplewood Station
Bigelow Station
Click on the thumbnails above to see the larger images.



New Zealand Finescale - Sn3.5 - is still in business! For information contact Jill.

Tom Troughton's Cimarron & Tall Timbers Sn3 model railroad.

from Tom Troughton's Sn3 Layout.


Sn2 Manufacturers - Excellent list of Sn2 product manufacturers and distributors with hyperlinks.

The Building & Structure Co./Banta Modelworks (Banta owns the Building & Structure line of S scale products.)
Their product line includes over 40 structure kits suitable for narrow gauge modeling. The kits are laser cut wood or Hydrocal castings and include freelance designs as well as prototypes from the RGS, D & RGW, C & S and the DSP & P. They also produce a line of white metal detail parts.

S Scale Building & Structure Kits:
S Scale Banta Modelworks Kits
BSC-4000 J. R. Siedel Welding Shop $32.95
BSC-4001 Crested Butte & Southern Ash Pit $24.95
BSC-4016 Lizard Head Bunk House (RGS) $26.95
BSC-4017 Lizard Head Hand Car Shed (RGS) $22.95
BSC-4018 Lizard Head Section House (RGS) $31.95
BSC-4020 Outhouse Collection (5 in 1) $ 24.95
BSC-4021 Outhouse Collection (6 in 1) $32.95
BSC-4024 Elevated Crossing Shanty $32.95
BSC-4025 Dallas Divide Section House (RGS) $44.95
BSC-4026 Dallas Divide Bunk House (RGS) $28.95
BSC-4027 Dallas Divide Handcar Shed (RGS) $18.95
BSC-4028 Dallas Divide Tool House & Coal Shed (RGS) $28.95
BSC-4030 Right-Of-Way Signs (62 ea) $13.95
BSC-4031 Crossbucks (11 ea) $7.95
BSC-4050 Building-in-a-Bag, Building #1 - Yard Office $11.95
BSC-4051 Building-in-a-Bag, Building #2 - Garage $12.95
BSC-4065 Crossing Shanty $23.95
BSC-4068 Roundhouse Roof Vent and Stack Set (3 ea. of 3 styles) $11.95
BSC-4077 Dynamite Storage Building - Stone $13.95
BSC-4078 Miner's Cabin With Stone Chimney $23.95
BSC-4079 Miner's Cabin With Stove Pipe $19.95
BSC-4080 Two Story Factory $79.95
BSC-4081 Silver Plume Bakery $68.95
BSC-4085 Cimarron 1 Mine $149.95
BSC-4086 Plant-Sumner House $69.95
BSC-4100 B. Johnson Leatherworks
SOLD OUT!!!! thanks very much, another limited kit will be out in MAY.....
BSC-4089 Silverton Depot $149.95
BSC-4091 Silver Plume House $79.95
BSC-4092 Ore Tram Buckets (3 pack) $19.95
BSC-4105 Strong Depot NEW! 94.95
BSC-4104 Gato Depot NEW! $89.95
BSC-4095 Park Hotel $99.95
BSC-4022 "The Block" a row of false fronts... $124.95
BSC-4102 Ore Tram Towers, 3 pack $29.95
BSC-4099 Phillips Depot $104.95
BSC-4109 1930's-40's gas Station $32.95
BSC-4103 Silverton Section House $79.95
BSC-4112 Alna Center Station, WW&F $32.95
BMW-101-S Outhouse and Section Car Shed $29.95
BMW-102-S Ridgway Boxcar Storage Shed $16.95
BMW-104-S WSLCo Powder House Tank $64.95
BMW-105-S RGS House At The End Of The Trestle $36.95
BMW-106-S Camp 8 Water Tank $64.95
BMW-107-S Oilton Club Saloon $75.00
BMW-108-S Mrs. Skillens Store $98.95
BMW-109-S Ophir General Merchandise $99.95
BMW-110-S Ridgway Sandhouse $39.95
BMW-111-S Crumbine Oil Facility, WSLCo TBA
BMW-112-S Ridgway Roundhouse, 7 Stall special order only
BMW-114 -S Herbert's Crossing Freight House $39.95
BMW-117-S Ophir Depot $149.95
BMW-118-S Ophir Tram House $119.95
BMW-120-S Ridgway Depot $295.00 special order only
BMW-121-S Ridgway Depot Outhouse and Coal Shed $18.95
BMW-122-S Ridgway Yard Structures $99.95
BMW-123-S Dolores Depot $149.95
BMW-124-S Vance Junction Section House $119.95
BMW-126-S RGS Water Tank $79.95
BMW-127-S Rico Depot $179.95
BMW-128-S C&S Baker Water Tank $64.95
BMW-132-S WSLCo Cat Repair Shed $59.95
BMW-133 Telluride Depot Outhouse $39.95
BMW-134-S Pandora Boiler House $79.95
BMW-135-S Vance Junction Outbuildings $89.95
BMW-138 the Stock Pens $89.95
BMW-140-S RGS rico Wood-Coal bin $49.95
BMW-141-S RRico Section Car-Coal Shed $44.95
BMW-142-S RGS Coal sheds TBA
BMW-143-S Rico Depot Toilet and sheds $56.95
BMW-129-S RGS Telluride Depot $225.00
T-2122-S Telegraph Poles $16.95


To send e-mail to Building & Structure Co. CLICK HERE.


Rickety Rails Models - Paul Dougherty -  Paul custom builds locomotive kits in S and O scales, primarily narrow gauge. Site under construction.

Paul Dougherty
Rickety Rails Models
210 Kenmar Drive
Yorktown, VA 23692
757 898 8194


Colorado S-Scale Connection (a wide assortment of S scale locomotives, rolling stock and related materials. Write to them for a free catalog.) On October 17 the crew at Sundance wrote to say "We only have the book publishing pages up at this time but will soon have the online hobby pages prepared."

  • Colorado S-Scale Connection
    The Retail Hobby Shop of
    Sundance Publications LTD
    221 Sherman Street
    Denver, CO 80203
    Tel: (303) 777-2880
    Fax: (303) 777-2880

Wiseman Model Services formerly known as Triangle Scale Models now offering Sn3 Rolling Stock kits - CLICK HERE to see the list. Most all of the kits consist of pre-cut styrene main body parts with white metal, plastic and Delrin detail parts. All kits with the exception of the skeleton log cars include either white metal or PBL trucks.


S/Sn3 Modeling Guide magazine--S scale model railroading at its best. This magazine is back and well worth the money. I've been a subscriber since the first issue!

Ola Sjoblom's Sn2 Railroad

Stefan Nilsson's Sn2 Lindfors-Bosjö RR layout in Sweden.

Janne's Sn3 Layout in Sweden  - The layout is 10x20 ft and the highest mountain is 8 ft high!!

Railmaster Exports NEW WEBSITE

Early American Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotives from D&RG, F&CC, RGS, WP&Y. S Scale Vehicle Range from Ford Model A trucks, sedans to Firetrucks, vintage GM & motorcycles. Figures raw and painted.     BoxCab and EndCab Diesel Critters. Alco and GM in S Scale..

Effective 9/2000...Railmaster Exports will tailor-make Loco kitsets for Baldwin Catalog S-16/18C 4-4-0 and 8-22D 2-6-0 classes, to your RR's individual needs. Any style and any period from 1874 until 1934. JUSK ASK!

29 Pupuke Road, Birkenhead, Auckland 1310, New Zealand
E-mail to
- - Fax 64-9-419 1995
Manufacturers; Doreen & John Agnew; Phone 64 9 419 1994

Train & Trooper - offers a full line of S scale narrow gauge (Sn3 and Sn2) kits and products, including structures and brass rolling stock.

Train and Trooper is collecting reservations for a brass locomotive model in Sn2. It will be forney (2-4-4T) type of SR&RL prototype. Reservation of $300, final price about $600 with a reservation ($750 without). They report reservations are going well. "We are considering releasing SR&RL #8 and #9 forneys and WWF #7 all in early and late versions. These will be from the same manufacturer who has recently done them in HOn30 and is currently doing them in On2. They will be painted, lettered, with glass in the windows. We will also consider releasing the SR&RL #8 early without lettering for the Bridgton #6 modelers." Those interested should contact them at (or call Phone: (207) 639-4462).



The Sn3 Mailing List.

Sn3 Web Page.


Backwoods Miniatures -NEW WEBSITE - Sn3 Locomotive Kits - "All our Sn3 kits include wheels, gears and motor(s), i.e. all parts required to complete a running locomotive." New for 2001 Log Disconnects - sold in pairs; 4 Wheel Side Tipping Ore/Ballast Cars; an RTR 2 truck, class B Shay, a conversion of the excellent Bachmann HO Shay with a new cab and many replacement or additional details; and a Mack AC Railbus. There's more so check their website!

Mack AC Railbus

This represent a 3'0" gauge version of the standard Mack AC Railbus. The railbus is also available in S standard gauge.

Sn2 Page of Manufacturers

S Scale Narrow Gauge At Train And Trooper - An expanded selection of S scale narrow gauge products including the Railmaster figures and vehicles which are fine for S standard gauge as well. Also available is the Bigelow Station from Portland Locomotive Works . . . $44.95 plus shipping (as of 4/27/01). Other S gauge structure kits are available from Finest Kind Models, Building And Structure, CM Shops, Rocky Mountain Model Works and V & T Shops.

Microtech Scale Models -- makers of track templates in S and Sn3.


The Carworks - Brass Model Trains has a Western Wheel Scraper 12 Yard Operating Slide Dump Car in Sn3.

Bill's Train Shop-- Bill's Train Shop carries rollingstock for the E.B.T., steam locomotives and structures including the West Side Lumber Co.and various stations.

New for 2005 is the Sn3 Howe Thru-Truss Covered Bridge. It is an East Tennessee and Western North Carolina RR Co. prototype and it is a big one! 118 scale feet long!! Model photos and details can be seen at....

The Sn2 Home Page Okay, it's not Sn3...but check it out!

BK Enterprises--NEW WEBSITE!--Precision built S Scale Turnouts.
Narrow Gauge - codes .070 and .055 in numbers 4, 5, 6 and 8.
Also sell standard and narrow gauge ties, screw type turnout motors and #2 1/2 and #4 wyes.

For more information send a #10 SSAE w/52 cents postage to:

Please specify "Sn3" scale when writing.

For those long coal and lumber drags up the steep mountains why not add an S narrow gauge line to your S pike.

Jim and Joel DeWitt's "S" Denver & Rio Grande Western RR, Photo by Terry Harrison


Classic Miniatures

Rem's Railroad Models - Sn3 freight cars.

The D & SNG excursion gondola.

Colorado Springs Narrow Gaugers - Sn3

Blackstone Valley Railway - custom model specialists. Model railroading, trestles, wooden bridges, kits, custom bridge and structure kits, plans, and detail castings for railroaders.


P.B.L. --Complete catalog of Sn3 products and supplies.

P.O. Box 769
Ukiah, CA 95482
phone 707-462-7680; Fax 707-468-7406.
To contact PBL by e-mail Click here.

New from PBL.

Some Features of the short caboose pictured above:A Complete Interior, including the "Kitchen Sink!"

Cupola Windows that really slide!
Complete Underbody Detailing!
Thinfilm Decals
Accurately Scaled, Free Rolling Trucks
Our own All-Brass Nickel Plated Wheelsets
Even the proper Kadee ® #26 Couplers!
The Work Goose #6 from PBL.

The tall dome tank #35 in the Silver/Black with Green Lettering livery for you lovers of the '30's era! PBL also makes a short dome version in the same paint scheme. Other paint schemes available.

P.B.L. Tool Page See their new end nippers for despruing of small plastic parts.


Sn3 Modeler Magazine--two issues a year, brings you more S scale articles, photos and plans featuring S narrow gauge models and layouts from Heimburger House Publishing Co.

Railway Engineering(We make Sn3 turnouts and specialty track and have for 25 years. Our name is well respected all over the world. PBL sells our track products).


Berlyn Locomotive Works (manufacturer of Sn3 brass locomotives and rolling stock kits.)

Masaki Murakami's Homepage

Art Armstrong's S/Sn3 Experiment

Slim Gauge Guild Model Railroad Club--Sn3 and HOn3.

Jeff Smith used MDC 60' flat cars to make a modern 44' flat car in Sn3.


Larry Rickert's HOn30 page--I know, it's not Sn3 but it's a good site to check out.

A covered bridge built by Charlie Bettinger for the Sn3 line on his Charlestown & Pattiville RR.

Photo by Craig O'Connell

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