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All photos by Ron Goodenow. Reproduction without Ron's permission is prohibited.

April 2001, Kings Cross Station, London. Here we see a timeless British railway scene: sets of Great North Eastern Railway trains ready to depart England's busiest intercity station to Edinbrugh, York, Newcastle, Glasgow, and many other northern cities. GNER's speedy trains traverse some of the most beautiful British scenery and many carry splendid restaurant cars featuring regional cuisine (the last full restaurant cars in the UK) and other amenities, including wireless services for computer users. Walk along this platform and a few yards further you will enter the Kings Cross Underground station, near which a horrific July 7 bomb exploded on the Picadilly Line. We want to salute the marvelous response of railway and public emergency and police personnel who risked their lives for innocent civilians trapped far below -- and in other venues where the cowardly terrorists struck. As one who frequents the trains and neighborhoods where several explosions took place we feel particularly close to events. From all Friends of Amtrak, a hearty salute and full condolences and sympathy to British and other victims of Europe's second rail attack. We hope the example set by our British friends is a good example in fearful times.



Acela days are here again, and a picture speaks a thousand words about this happy turn of events! Here's Train #2250, the first repaired Acela Express on the New York to Boston line, cruising through New London on its way to Boston from Washington at 2:17pm on Saturday, July 23, 2005. Amtrak has beaten off the slashers in the Bush administration, led by Secretary of Transportation Mineta, with only his vague threats of a very unlikely transportation budget veto and some rather crude attempts by Administration bean counters to get at the national system by cutting sleeping car and food services remaining to be resolved. By all accounts Amtrak did a fine job accomodating customers while the Acelas were out of service, and CEO David Gunn has kept a firm hand on the tiller. As Congress, and even terrorists know, 'It's Infrastructure Stupid'.



Here's Amtrak's State House arriving in Joliet, Illinois, on its way from St. Louis to Chicago in late August, 2005. If there's a better place to enjoy railroading in the United States than Joliet I'll eat my camera case. A gracious old station, beautifully maintained rail artwork celebrating Joliet's railway history, easy parking, two METRA lines to Chicago, Amtrak's St. Louis line, with one train going on to Kansas City, and the Texas Eagle, all make for wonderful viewing. Hang around a place like this and you'll see railroading at its best, and reasons for increased support for passenger rail.



Here's the California Zephyr heading towards Lovelock and Reno, Nevada, on a beautiful September 2005 morning, taken from my speeding car on I80. At this point the train was cruising about about 80mph, but it would soon get put behind a terribly slow Union Pacific freight running on very poor trackage and lose 90 minutes on its way to the Nevada capital. I took a good look at the CZ the night before on its way east and was happy to see full cars and a gleaming exterior. Late or not -- and this one had lost over an hour between Reno and Winnemuca, it's a great way to go and we can only hope that the bean counters don't wreck on-board services or ill the service. Amtrak played a very positive role in both 9/11 and Katrina-Rita and deserves far better treatment as a means of reducing dependency on foreign oil and providing essential services in times of crisis. For many photos I've taken of a favorite train over the years check out





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