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From the Friends of Amtrak Archives:

Flexliner in Service on the San Diegans--July 17, 1996; From the
"San Diegan News."

Amtrak brings you the Flexliner, a Danish-built, high-tech
passenger train that has been operating in European rail service
since 1990. Ride the Flexliner July 21 - Aug. 1 aboard Amtrak San
Diegan trains 570, 577, 578 and 585 (except July 26).

Experience the Flexliner version of Custom Class with "Service at
Your Seat." The Flexliner is on a two-year tour of North America
and is designed to serve a variety of local and regional travel
markets providing a combination of comfort, efficiency and speed.
It is self-propelled, operating without a locomotive, and is
capable of coupling and uncloupling within minutes.

The Flexliner embodies today's concept of modern, safe and highly
effecient 21st century passenger rail service. As the name
suggests, its flexibility make the Flexliner perfect for
short-to-medium distance, regional and intercity service
operating over existing, conventional rail lines.

The Flexliner was clearly designed for passenger comfort. It
features luxurious coach and first-class seating for
approximately 140 passengers, with panoramic windows,
entertainment and refreshment amenities, power outlets for
laptops, fax machines and telephones. The train's compartments
are large and airy, with air conditioning, ergonomically-designed
seats and areas for wheelchairs, bicycles and strollers.

The Flexliner is an advanced, self-propelled, bi-directional
passenger train. Its unique automatic coupling system allows
individual trains to be joined and separated within minutes
allowing a number of trainsets to begin as a single train with
one operator, then quickly uncouple into smaller units with
different destinations.

And for the ultimate in flexibility, Flexliner's proven computer
technology allows diesel and electric equipment to run as a
single train with either diesel or electric motors providing the
tractive power.

The design of the train has carefully-considered environmental
factors, giving top priority to decreased fuel consumption and
reduced noise and air-pollution levels. In fact, the Flexliner's
low-emission engine runs without smoke or the smell of diesel

The train was designed by ABB Daimler-Benz Transportation
(Adtranz) and is a 50/50 joint venture combining the worldwide
transportation businesses of ABB Asea Brown Boveri and
Daimler-Benz. Adtranz is a complete global provider of
transportation products, systems and services, including
passenger rail systems, automated guideway transit systems and
automatic train control systems. 

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