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Canal Line - Milldale - Page Twelve
The Canal Line - Southern End in Connecticut - Page Twelve


Page created by Craig S. O'Connell

This is the old Milldale station along the Canal Line. The building is now abandoned. This is the northbound view (toward Plantsville/Southington) with the roadbed in evidence. I recall visiting this area about ten years ago when there was still a train passing through. This was taken in July, 2004. Photo by Craig S. O'Connell

This is the same location as above except looking southbound toward Cheshire. Photo by Craig S. O'Connell


Below are two black and white photos of the old Milldale Station. The date is uncertain.


More views of the Milldale Station, July, 2004. Photos by Craig S. O'Connell


The sign indicates that this building was last used as the site of the E & W Construction Co. of Southington. When I was through here about ten years ago this company was in business here.


To the northside of the Milldale Station, along Railroad Avenue, is the former home of the Clark Bros. Bolt Co. The site is now abandoned. Photos by Craig S. O'Connell


The backside, facing the tracks, of the Clark Bros. Bolt Co. can be seen in the photo at left. The building pictured at right is the only one shown on this page of a structure along the east side of the tracks in Milldale. The station, pictured at the top of the page, is just opposite this building. The tracks would have passed between the two. The brush in the center of the photo at right is where the tracks were. Photos by Craig S. O'Connell


I have several photos of this area taken about ten years ago. If I can find them and procur the use of a scanner I'll add them to the page.

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