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Trainwatching Report - North Evans, New York - May 30th, 1999

Trainwatching Report
Overhead Bridge Road - North Evans, New York
Sunday, May 30th, 1999

     Today would end up being the last day I would trainwatch on the Chicago Line while it was still controlled by Conrail.  I went over to North Evans to get some more pix from the bridge and now that there is foliage on the trees, it makes a great background for photography on that bridge, here is what I saw today, for the last time while this line was known as the Conrail Chicago Line...   

Ex-Con #8429 leads TV-207 on Track #1

Train TV-207 heads west on Track #1 with "Ex-Con" C40-8W #8429 leading at 9:57am.

Conrail #6179 leads TV-7 on Track #1

Leading Train TV-7 is Conrail C40-8W #6179 on Track #1 at 10:18am.

Conrail #6864 leads HEBU-9X on Track #2

SD60 #6864 leads a CSX unit and another Conrail unit on Train HEBU-9X on Track #2 at 11:07am.

Conrail #6614 leads TV-14 on Track #2

     Ballast Express C32-8 #6614 leads the eastbound TV-14 at 11:30am on Track #2.  This would be the last photo I would take on the bridge that day, I did stop at Sturgeon Point Road and the next 2 photos show what I saw there.

Norfolk Southern #8643 leads the eastbound 310

     On the Norfolk Southern Buffalo-Chicago Mainline, which parallels the Chicago Line, I saw the eastbound 310 being pulled by C39-8 #8643 at 12:16pm.  The train is seen at the Sturgeon Point Road crossing in Derby, New York.  

CSX #9018 leads PINF-9 on Track #2

     Also seen at Sturgeon Point Road, Leading Train PINF-9 is CSX C40-8W on Track #2 at 12:36pm.  This would end up being the last photo I would take of a train on the Chicago Line while it was still controlled by Conrail.  It is also the last print I will probably ever take of a train.  As of my next trainwatching report, all of the images you will see will be from Kodachrome 64 Color Slides.  That's all for today, and all for Conrail, goodbye Big Blue.

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