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Trainwatching Report - Hamburg, New York - May 28th, 1999

Trainwatching Report
Bayview Road - Hamburg, New York
Friday, May 28th, 1999

     Bayview Road has long been a local favorite trainwatching spot in Western New York.  The old New York Central Bayview Tower stood on the property until it was torn down in 1994.  Bayview Road is located just to the east of Milepost 8, there is an historic mile marker near the crossing that says 532 miles to Chicago on one side and 8 miles to Buffalo on the other, it managed to survive the demolition of the tower.  

     To get to Bayview Road, follow N.Y. State Rte. 5 to Old Big Tree Road, make a quick right then another quick left on to the 4-Lane highway, you'll pass a Bus Stop and the Circle Restaurant, stay on that 4-Lane Road until you come to a traffic circle, then go around the traffic Circle until you are heading east on a divided highway, it might be unlabeled but that is Rte. 5, take that to Bayview Road, it will be the next intersection on the divided highway, the road in front of the Woodlawn Auto Workers Credit Union Building, make a right on Bayview Road and go over the hill and your there.  

     For Tracking the trains, use the Frequency 160.860Mhz.  You should have no problem picking up the Bayview, New York DED/HBD which is located just west of the crossing. I spent Friday Morning up there and here is what I saw... 

Ex-Con #8330 pulls TV-77 on Track #2

The first train I saw was TV-77 being lead by "Ex-Con" C40-8W #8330 on Track #2 at 10:49am.

TV-7 lead by Conrail #5591 on Track #2

Leading the westbound TV-7 on Track #2 is Conrail #5591, an SD60M at 11:13am.

Conrail #6090 leads BUTO-8 on Track #3

Leading Train BUTO-8 is Conrail C40-8W #6090 on Track #3 at 12:10pm.

Ex-Con #8415 leads ML-480X on Track #2

     Pulling Train ML-480X is "Ex-Con" #8415 on Track #2 at 12:11pm.  The train on Track #3 in the background is BUTO-8.  Also note the old concrete mile marker labeled "C 532" to the left of the train, its hard to believe that it survived all these years, but who knows what will happen once CSX takes over.

Conrail #6231 leads UNL-53C on Track #3

     Pulling the Somerset Railroad Coal Train, symboled UNL-53C, is Conrail C40-8W #6231 on Track #3 at 1:04pm.  This train runs several days a week and usually has a couple Dash-8's for power.

Conrail #2561 Leads Train TV-14 on Track #2

Leading Train TV-14 is Conrail SD70 #2561, on Track #2 at 1:09pm.  These units might be some of the first to be repainted into NS Black, so get your pix while you still can!!!

BNSF #4430 leads BUEL-8 on Track #3

     Conrail train BUEL-8 is seen here with BNSF C44-9W #4430 leading along with a Conrail SD60 on Track #3 at 1:34pm.  This train has typically had BNSF power in it for the past couple years since BNSF has been ordering new Dash-9's from GE in Erie, Pa.  That's all for today...  

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