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Trainwatching Report - Depew, New York - May 4th, 1999

Trainwatching Report
Amtrak Station - Depew, New York
Tuesday, May 4th, 1999

     Today, I went up to Depew again to do some trainwatching, and I figured since I was near the Downtown Buffalo Amtrak Station on Exchange Street, I thought it would be cool to ride Amtrak up to Depew, so I bought a ticket for the quick 12 minute ride up to Depew from Downtown and here is what I photographed...   

Downtown Buffalo Amtrak Station

     Here is a view of the seldom photographed Downtown Buffalo Amtrak Station, located on Exchange Street, this station is a former New York Central Station built in the early 1950's.

Amtrak Train #64 Pulling Into The Downtown Station.

     Here is the train I took for the quicky trip up to Depew.  Seen pulling into the Downtown Station is Amtrak #64, The Maple Leaf at 1:41pm on the Conrail Niagara Branch.

Amtrak Train #64 Seen In Depew, New York.

Here is another view of Train #64 this time at the Depew Station.  I took this picture immediately after I got off the train.

Conrail #2563 leadts Train TV-5 on Track #1.

Pulling Train TV-5 is SD70 #2563 on Track #1 at 2:19pm.

Amtrak Train #63 pulls into Depew Station.

     Amtrak's Westbound Maple Leaf, Train #63 is seen here at 2:57pm headed for Toronto on Track #2.  This train makes stops at the Downtown Station as well as Niagara Falls, NY before heading over into Canada.

Conrail #6776 Leads Train TV-79 on Track #2.

Leading Train TV-79 is Conrail SD50 #6776 on Track #2 at 3:33pm.

Ex-Con #8374 Leads Train TV-9 On Track #1.

     "Ex-Con" and Chain Smoker C40-8W #8374 lead Train TV-9 west on Track #2 at 3:42pm.

Frontier Yard Local Train FY-14 is seen here heading west on Track #4 at 4:07pm.

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