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Trainwatching Report - North Evans, New York - May 2nd, 1999

Trainwatching Report
Overhead Bridge Road - North Evans, New York
Sunday, May 2nd, 1999

     Overhead Bridge Road is like a hidden treasure for railfans in the Western New York area.  It provides great overhead views of the Chicago Line as well as the Norfolk Southern Mainline. To get to Overhead Bridge Road, coming from Erie, PA, just take NY State Rte. 5 through Derby and make a right on Derby Road.  Take Derby road about a mile or so until you get to an intersection with Overhead Bridge Road, the street might not be labeled, but the intersection you're looking for is in the form of a Y, make a left at that intersection and follow the road about a quarter mile to the overpass.  For tracking the trains, you should be able to pick up the Bayview, NY DED/HBD as well as the Angola, NY DED.  Conrail uses the Frequency 160.860Mhz on this section of the Chicago Line.   

Conrail #5063 Leading TV-77 on Track #1

     At 9:52am Conrail Train TV-77 heads west on Track #1 with B40-8 #5063 on the lead.  In the far distance, you can see the signal lights for CP-15, which is the Control Point where the Chicago Line becomes 3 tracks up to Seneca Yard. 

Norfolk Southern #9271 Leading Train 303

     The Norfolk Southern Mainline also parallels the Conrail Main through this area, and through most of Western New York. Seen here is NS Train 303 with C40-9W #9271 as lone power heading west at 10:48am. The C40-9W's are quickly becoming NS's main road power, with the road now rostering over 300 such units.

Conrail #6257 leading Train TV-14 on Track #2

Conrail C40-8W #6257 along with a CSX unit and second CR unit, lead the eastbound TV-14 on Track #2 at 11:25am.

Ex-Con #8326 leads TV-78 on Track #2

Seen here is the eastbound TV-78 with "Ex-Con" C40-8W #8326. This unit started its life as Conrail #6070 and is running on Track #2 at 11:34am.

BNSF #4838 leads NS Train 366

     And finally, Always full of surprises is the NS Main, like Conrail, where at any given time you can see foreign power. Witness this BNSF C44-9W #4838 leading a CN unit on eastbound Norfolk Southern Train 366 at 11:48am.

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