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Trainwatching Report: Hamburg, New York - April 24th, 1999

Trainwatching Report

Pleasant Avenue - Hamburg, New York
Saturday, April 24th, 1999

     Pleasant Avenue is located off of NY State Rte. 5 in Hamburg, New York near Milepost #13 on the Chicago Line. It's really easy to get to. If your coming from Dunkirk, NY, just take NY State Rte. 5 to Wanakah, NY which is located in the Hamburg On The Lake area, come to a large intersection, with a Hogg Dairy Convenient Store to the left and a car repair shop to the right, Pleasant Ave is right next to that repair shop, just make a sharp right turn and take a quarter mile drive up the street and you're there. Also, the Wanakah Grille Restaurant is located right next to the tracks, so if your a hungry trainwatcher, Pleasant Ave is the place to be. For tracking the trains, you should be able to pick up the Bayview, New York HBD/DED from Pleasant Ave with no problems on 160.860Mhz.  I stopped up there for a couple hours and here's what I saw...

Conrail #5627 leads the Westbound TV-5 on Track #1

     Westbound Train TV-5 is seen here with SD60I #5627 on the lead, on Track #1 at 10:41am.

Ex-Con #8487 leads this Eastbound on Track #2

"Ex-Con" C36-7 #8487, former Conrail #6632 leads this Eastbound ML Train at 11:25am on Track #2.

Conrail #6406 Leads Westbound Train BUIN-4 on Track #1

Freshly painted Conrail SD40-2 #6406 leads westbound BUIN-4 on Track #2 at 11:37am. 

Conrail #5514 heads west on Track #1

Heading west on Track #1 is this TV Train with Conrail SD60M #5514 leading at 11:56am.

Conrail #2579 heads east on Track #2

At 12:18pm, we see SD70 #2579 heading east with a TV Train on Track #2.

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