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Depew, New York - June 28th, 2000

Trainwatching Report
Depew, New York - June 28th, 2000

   After attending a breakfast at a nearby banquet hall, I headed back to the Amtrak Station for the day, which would prove to be a rather busy one, especially for a Wednesday, here's what I saw...

First was Train Q-117 with AC6000CW #695 on the lead heading West on Track #1 at 10:23am.  

   At 10:47am, Train Q265 arrived in Depew with AC4400CW #333
leading an NS Unit on Track #3 heading West.  

   Next Up, this Eastbound passed by the station with
C40-8W #7873 leading a Lease Unit on Track #2 at 10:51am.

   At 11:07am Train Q-185 arrived in Depew with Ex-Con C40-8W #7341 which began life as Conrail #6148, on Track #1 heading West.  

   Seen stopped for a crew change is Train Q-152 with Ex-Con #810, an SD80MAC which in it's previous identity was Conrail #4124.  The train is seen on Track #2 at the West end of the station platform where most crew changes are usually done.

   With an impressive lash-up of 5 units, Train Q-625 arrives in Depew with Ex-Con #2803, a GP38-2 who's former name was Conrail #8251.  This is formerly Train SYBU and is heading into Frontier Yard on Track #3 at 11:30am.

This Eastbound TV Train showed up next with C40-8W #7872 on Track #1 at 11:41am.

   At 12:38pm, CSX AC4400CW #287 arrived on this Eastbound Coal Train on Track #2.

   Seen here is AC6000CW #676 leading a TV Train past the station at 12:59pm on Track #2.

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