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Depew, New York - June 23rd, 2000

Trainwatching Report
Depew, New York - June 23rd, 2000

   Summer is back so today I headed up to Depew, NY to the Amtrak Station to get in a day of railfanning.  There are definitely more trains operating now, 1 year after CSX took over things up here and for the railfan, this means, you'll go through a roll of slide film that much faster.  Here's what I saw today...

At 8:45am, Q-367 showed up in Depew with "Ex-Con" GP38-2 #2795 (Former Conrail #8234) leading on Track #1 heading West.  

   Just up the tracks was some trackwork being done at CP-431, this crane passed by the station operating on it's own power at 8:51am.  

   And now, some Amtrak action.  Here is Train #286, the New York City-bound "Empire State Express" with it's typical 4-coach 1-cafe car consist.  Today's train had P32AC-DM #703 on the lead seen stopped in Depew on Track #2 at 8:57am.

   At 9:37am Train Q-439 arrived in Depew with CSX GP40-2 #6062 leading on Track #1.  

   Heading west on Track #2 is CSX AC6000CW #5002 leading the Westbound Q-117 at 10:08am.

   Q-625 was next with AC6000CW #642 leading as it prepares to enter Frontier Yard on Track #3 at 9:55am.

   On Track #1 heading East is Q-112 with C44-9W #9009 leading at 10:08am.

   Here is a fully repainted Ex-Conrail unit leading this Westbound Manifest on Track #3.  The unit is SD40-2 #8810, which began its life as Conrail #6386.  The train is seen at 10:23am.

   At 10:30am, LMS #702, a C40-8W lease unit is seen leading this TV train heading West on Track #1.

   And here is another fully repainted former Conrail Unit.  SD60M #8772 is seen leading the Eeastbound Q-114.  This unit began it's relatively short life on Conrail as #5540.  The train is seen at 10:31am on Track #2.  There's lots more from Depew, so click in the table below for more photos and info...

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