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Trainwatching Report - Hamburg, New York - June 5th, 1999

Trainwatching Report
Bayview Road - Hamburg, New York
June 5th, 1999

   5 days have gone by since the CSX/NS takover of Conrail and WOW!!! how things have changed in a few short days!!!  Already, train crews are calling train names using CSX's twisted "Q###" System.  An example of this would be, Conrail Train TV-24 is now CSX Train Q112.  Also, CSX crews are noting the length of their trains in feet instead of number of cars, another twisted thing we railfans will just have to get used to.
   This is the first Official trainwatching report I have since Implementation day.  One major change I have adopted into my railroad photography is the use of slides instead of prints.  From this point forward, all new images from trainwatching sessions on my web site will be from Kodachrome 64 Slides. For a little bit, I stopped up to Bayview Road to do some trainwatching with a few people from Canada, here is what I saw...

CSX Train TV-24 or Q124

CSX Train TV-24 or Q112 is seen at the Bayview Road Crossing at 11:50am on Track #1 with solid CSX power, leading the pack is B36-7 #5838.

Norfolk Southern Train #309

On the paralleling Norfolk Southern Main Line, NS Train #309 with St. Lawrence & Hudson SD40-2 #5654 leading along with a CP Rail unit trailing, head west at 12:11pm.

Norfolk Southern Train #602

     Here is what is becoming an all-too-common occurrence, Conrail power leading NS trains.  In this view, C40-8W #6154 leads NS train #602, this is the famous Somerset Railroad Coal Train, and I will say, watching this thing on NS tracks was an experience, I never saw this train run with so much power and run so slow in all the years I have seen it.  The train is heading east at 12:48pm.


Leading CSX Train SEIN is Conrail SD70 #2566, this will probably be one of the first units to receive NS's boring paint scheme, as the unit was actually ordered by and built for NS.

CSX Train TV-14 or Q114

Passing the old New York Central "C 532" mile marker, is CSX Train TV-14 or Q114 on Track #1 at 1:29pm with C44-8W #9002 on the lead.


The last train I saw that day was SEPI with "Ex-Con" B36-7 #3627 heading west on Track #2 at 1:47pm.  That's all for today.

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