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Norfolk Southern CNO&TP Home Page
The CNO&TP Home Page has closed its doors.

I created an updated, revamped and revised site with an expanded format at my new home:


At my new site, you will find:

  • Reduced number of photo pages that allow for even easier navigation (but still an abundant number of photos).

  • Future photos offered in larger formats (1024x768 minimum) since there are no restrictions on file sizes on my own server.

  • News from around the Internet regarding NS motive power, financial statements, and other information.

  • Last reported locations of "locomotives of interest" (such as my beloved SD70Ms).

  • And much more as I bring more online.


Please join me there!


(I will be reintroducing a much smaller CNO&TP site in the next

few weeks that will feature some of my personal favorite photos.)