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Corona Model Railroad Society

Many people find a nostalgic fascination with trains. Especially those old enough to remember them as the common mode of travel. Younger folks have a hard time understanding that most people and goods were transported by rail before today's large-scale aircraft, interstate highways, trucking industry and the intermodal systems.

Corona, like many towns, developed and prospered only through the presence of a railroad. It's an important part of our history. One that can be represented, not only educationally, but historically as an exciting visual model.

If you've ever visited a scale model railroad then there's little to explain. A well-built layout, like those used in Hollywood special effects , gives you an unbelievably realistic view of life and landscape.

The Corona Model Railroad Society was created to represent 1940's Corona in the heyday of its citrus production. But not only its agriculture. The lumber, mining, manufacturing and all the trackside industries engaged in trade from other communities to other countries. This is the story of how Corona became what it is today, and the railroad's major role during the past.

It's too big of a story to tell in some small corner of the museum. An entire house, which sets on the park property, will be devoted to the 600 sq. ft. display. The model railroad will be fully operational depicting a part of Corona and local points east with the Santa Fe main line and the Pacific Electric system.

And where do you find the expertise to create such a exhibit? Like you, most of them have found us. Starting October 2001 the idea went out through flyers, the internet and word-of-mouth. There's been no shortage of enthusiasm once word got around. Talented and experienced model builders and scenery makers, carpenters, electricians and electronics engineers, historians and prototype railroad workers continue to collect with the club membership growing monthly.

With most of the organizational work behind, research into the local trains of the past has already begun. Construction has begun and will likely take several years to complete.

If you're just surfing the net, check back someday and see how we've grown. If you live far away, be sure to visit if you're ever in the area. If you live close by, it's a good time to get involved. If you like trains , we're sure you'll want to become a member.

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The Corona Model Railroad Society HO-Scale model railroad display is a public-service activity made possible through partnership with the Corona Heritage Foundation
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