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To Colorado via Wyoming Part 2

by Chris Guenzler


I woke up while the train was sitting in Salt Lake City and crew change point. At the on time departure time the train backed up and out of the station before it headed towards Ogden and Wyoming. I could see the Utah Capitol Building in Salt Lake City then watched the Wasatch Mountains. I napped as the train passed through Ogden and started up Weber Canyon. The Devil Slide that I wanted a picture of was passed in the darkness. I got up just before Echo, Ut and headed to the lounge car.

The Weber River as we near Echo.

At Echo we start to run by the interesting rock cliffs of Weber Canyon.

The red cliffs of Weber Canyon.

Scenes climbing the grade towards the summit at Wasatch.

Hundreds of old cars out between the tracks near Castle Rock.

Curvo is where the westbound mainline crossed over the eastbound mainline and we would return to right handed running.

The scene right before the summit of the grade at Wasatch, Utah. Shortly we would cross the state line into Wyoming.

I was in the Dining Car for French Toast and sausage patties as the train dropped down into Evanston, Wyoming.

This scene before the Altamont Tunnel. My room was made up while we were in the Altamont Tunnel.

This scene after we passed through the Altamont Tunnel.

Scene with the Uintah Mountains just across the border in Utah.

A tank in a Wyoming Gas Field. I put on Aerosmith "Permanent Vacation" because I wish I could be on one for the rest of my life.

The FMC Chemical plant east of Granger with one of their switchers pictured.

Another plant off to the south.

From Peru the train would drop down the grade to our lowest point on our route today, the crossing of the Green River.

The Green River flooding along its banks.

Green River, Wyoming, our crew change location where the Union Pacific let us off for a fresh air break.

The unique Green River Station.

The Union Pacific pilot crew comes off the train.

The famous Green River Butte.

Our Denver based Train Crew arrived and at 9:07 AM, we departed Green River, Wyoming. I put on my CD of Trevor Rabin "Face to Face".

Leaving Green River behind.

Buttes east of town.

Scenes along the way to Rock Springs.

Interesting rock formation as the train heads to the first of the two crossings of the Continental Divide. Two? The Union Pacific built their railroad across a basin that water never escapes from so the UP crosses the divide twice.

Well preserved limestone building with walls at "Point of Rocks" is located at the remains of the historic Rock Point Stage Station which served as relay point in 1862 for the Ben Holladay Overland Trail Stages. Next was Trevor Rabin "Trevor Rabin" CD with a song called Red Desert and we will see if I timed it right to be playing through Red Desert, Wyoming.

West of Tipton.

Red Desert and I did reply the song for the occasion.

Black Butte.

The oil industry is doing well in Wyoming.

This flame you could see for miles at Table Rock. The CZ had a slow order at Table Rock before the train reached the first Divide after Tipton. The CZ would now cross the basin at track speed.

The only basin of the Continental Divide.

Snow fences are along many miles of the Union Pacific tracks across Wyoming and are also here in the basin in places. We crossed the eastern divide and soon we came into Rawlins which we just slowed for.

A lake east of Rawlins with some of those snow fences in the foreground. I put my CD of Jethro Tull "Catfish Rising" on next as we headed east towards Laramie.

A little lake on the way to Laramie.

To the south of our train is the Snowy Range of Mountains.

Interesting landscape our train travels as we continue east across Wyoming.

An nice lake with good colors. Minutes later the westbound California Zephyr flew by just east of Rock River.

Montana isn't the only big sky country state.

Wild Buffalos just west of Laramie which we rolled through at 12:58 PM and the CZ headed for Sherman Hill up Track 1.

The CZ started the climb up the west slope of Sherman Hill leaving the Snowy Range behind.

An impressive thunderhead brewing this afternoon.

The rocks at Colores.

The CZ entered the Hermosa Tunnel.

Running through Dale.

Passing my favorite rock formation on Sherman Hill.

The CZ has reached the highest point on the Transcontinental Railroad.

Taking the Burford runby curve.

Curving into Burford. The CZ run to Borie then took the cutoff to Speer. At Speer we changed UP Pilot Engineers with a slight delay before we headed south towards Denver. I put on my CD of Queen "Cosmos Rockin'"

More Elk south of Speer.

The Front Range of the Rockies from north of Greeley.

Elevators just north of Greeley.

The former Amtrak Station in Greeley where I once got on and off of the Pioneer. I put on my CD of Styx "Styxworld". I relaxed listening to Styx the rest of the way into Denver Union Station and after we wyed the train, it backed into the station at 5:05 PM {7:38 PM} another excellent Amtrak Adventure via Wyoming on the California Zephyr.

Denver 7/7/2009

In walked over to the La Quinta Inn for the night. It took me almost an hour to make the walk as the bags got really heavy. Fifty feet with one then go back and get the other two. But at least I had something to take pictures of as I rested.


Two views of the BNSF, CSX and KCS power in Denver.

I was really happy to see this KCS Unit.

A BNSF and Santa Fe units outside of the BNSF Denver Engine House.

The yard power brought out a cut of cars during my trek. I made it over to the La Quinta Inn and checked in. I took a shower then decided to see the view of the BNSF yard from this hotel.

The view of the south end of the BNSF Yard from the La Quinta Inn. In the morning I would walk over to Enterprise, pick up the rental car and start the first of the next train trips with this one on the Georgetown Loop Railroad but that is another story.