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Santa Fe 3751 to and from San Bernardino Railroad Days

The ride behind Santa Fe 3751 to LAUPT

by Chris Guenzler

This morning I woke up still really sore from my fall yesterday after I didn't sleep well last night. With an extra hour I did my morning chores and then got to watch a U2 show on VH1 Classic. I then drove down to the Santa Ana Train Station and after checking the status of Surfliner 565 this morning, I went up and over to Track 1 to wait for my train to LAUPT.

Surfliner 565 4/17/2011

The train pulled into the Santa Ana Train Station a few minutes late this morning. I boarded into the Cab Car but it had those awful new seats that us regular passengers avoid and sat in the Superliner instead. The train made a quick stop at Orange but an extended stop at Anaheim before the usual stop at Fullerton. From there we ran nonstop to LAUPT.

This is my Ticket to Ride Metrolink to San Bernardino and the Santa Fe 3751 back to Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal later this afternoon.

The Amber Trail that was supposed to be have been on the steam train yesterday but was cut out of the train at midnight Friday night.

The Southwest Chief was ready to head to the 8th Street Coach Yard. The train arrived into LAUPT on Track 11 and Chris Parker was waiting for me on Track 5B.

The LAUPT view this morning with Chris Parker waiting for me by the Metrolink Train to San Bernardino.

Metrolink 356 4/17/2011

For this Metrolink Trip to San Bernardino I decided to shot the spots we shot pictures at yesterday from this train and compare them to the pictures from yesterday. In the rear of the Cab Car we were joined by several younger railfans. It always makes me feel great when we get younger people involved in this hobby.

The view from under the old bridge into the former SP Piggyback Yard.

The train in the middle of Interstate 10.

The train on the El Monte Flyover.

The Flyover over the former Southern Pacific Sunset Route.

The views from Etiwanda Avenue.

The views at Catawanba Avenue in Fontana.

The train ran under the bridge of the Palmdale Cutoff.

Our train went up and over the San Bernardino Flyover. The train arrived into San Bernardino early and I decided to do something I hadn't done in over 20 years and that was to take pictures off the Mount Vernon Avenue Bridge.

The Metrolink San Bernardino Station where the Santa Fe 3751 had been already turned for the trip back to LAUPT at 3:00 PM this afternoon.

BNSF 7777 west came through San Bernardino.

Two more views of the San Bernardino Metrolink Station. I walked back down to the Santa Fe 3751.

The Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751 on display at San Bernardino Railroad Days 2011.

That BNSF 7777 West had two DPU's on the rear end of that train.

Old Blue Bus 5876.

An Amtrak Thruway Bus.

There was an antique fire engines display which was impressive.

The San Bernardino Police had their horse team at this event.

A Carnation Dairy Truck.

A Yellow Cab Taxi.

A Stater Brothers Market Truck.

Radio Lazer Van and Booth.

I went inside the museum and watched twenty minutes of the Charley Smiley DVD of Sacramento Northern.

There was a wood carving of an American Locomotive. I enjoyed two of the Chicken on a stick I had.

BNSF 7726 West came through San Bernardino next.

The Calico Photo Studio was also here.

BNSF 6637 West was next to come through town.

Later a BNSF power set came through the San Bernardino Yard.

It was getting near boarding time so I decided to show you the drumheads for this trip.

Santa Fe 3751 West to LAUPT 4/17/2011

I boarding the Pony Express and took a seat in the car since my rib was really hurting. I would only stand up for a few pictures and relax getting to listen to the sounds of the Santa Fe 3751 on the trip back to LAUPT

Right at 3:00 PM the train started to move and I stood up for my first pictures of the trip as we left San Bernardino.

There was a large crowd as we left San Bernardino.

The Short Way Tracks took off to the south used by the Inland Empire Metrolink Trains.

The Santa Fe 3751 climbed up and over the San Bernardino Flyover before I sat down and listened to the sounds of the steam engine and whistle of the Santa Fe 3751.

The view inside the Pony Express.

The train took the Baldwin Park Curve.

Stan Garner, owner of the Pony Express, was working his bar of non alcoholic drinks.

The train took the Flyover over the former Southern Pacific Sunset Route.

The Santa Fe 3751 climbed the El Monte Flyover. I went to the bar to get a Coca-Cola and talked with Stan for the rest of the trip.

The train ran down the middle of Interstate10.

The Santa Fe 3751 met Metrolink 366 at the siding in the middle of Interstate 10. After that meet the train ran the rest of the way into LAUPT on Track 11 arriving there just 90 minutes after we left San Bernardino. I was first off the train and headed over to the next platform Track 10 for a few more pictures.

The train at rest.

Santa Fe 3751 looked beautiful in the late afternoon light. I then walked over to the Metrolink Ticket Machine to buy a ticket back to Santa Ana on Metrolink 664. The train left on time and ran well except for Fullerton where passengers did not listen to the station announcements and a group was left on the train. The train had to make a reverse move so they could detrain. After that we ran the rest of the way to Santa Ana with no more problems. I went home and wrote this story.