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West Texas and Lubbock Railroad Whiteface Line High Plains Drifter 11/20/2010 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

Our train continued on west on the Whiteface Subdivision.

We next ran by the old South Plains & Santa Fe Whiteface Depot along with Santa Fe Cabooses 999770 and 999321.

Looking across the Texas Highway 114 where dinosuars are sold.

John Deere tractors.

Field Sprinklers.

Green fields.

Bundles of Cotton.

An interesting building.

Looking down the road.

Cotton Gins.

The former siding at Hurlwood.

West Texas farm.

More of West Texas.

Looking across Texas Highway 114.

More cotton fields.

Circular crop sprinkler.

A large bird flew overhead.

Levelland/Hockley County Ethanol Plant.

Shot through the vestibule.

Great looking sky.

Here we are approaching the Levelland Industrial Rail Park.

We will be riding this new line on the way back from our turnaround point at Levelland.

Oil tanks.

The "Moose" that some of us will ride out to Whiteface on later this afternoon. We came to a stop, the crew switched ends and soon we would be riding this new trackage that was recently dedicated. The train headed forward and we started our travel over the Levelland Industrial Rail Park Trackage.

The train took the first curve on this new line.

Our train took the second curve on this new rail line.

The Cotton Gin at Levelland.

We started down the straight track where we found an air compressor blocking our path ahead. Until it could be moved we would be stuck here. We then unloaded for a Photo Runby.

Our lead engine.

A Ballast Regulator Photo Runby. This device would move the air compressor left by the contractor out of our way.

Our train backed up for the Photo Runby.

Photo Runby #2.

Two more views of our train.

The other end of our train.

Many of our train's passengers waiting to reboard. The Ballast Regulator started to move that air compressor out of our way. We all reboarded and our train started to move forward again.

This is where the new Levelland Cotton Gin will be.

Our train taking the third curve of this new rail line.

Our train took the final curve on this new rail line.


The equipment is now out of our way.


Our train returns to the mainline.

Our train is now on the way back with Lubbock 29 miles away to the east.

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