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West Texas & Lubbock Railroad Seagraves Line 11/21/2010

Trip sponsored by the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum

by Chris Guenzler

I was up at 5:30 AM and after showering I got On-line and got the corrections from yesterday's story and uploaded them. I posted it on but had to do it twice as the hotel's Internet went down for a minute when I was uploading it to that site. I quickly dressed then Randy, Marie and I drove out to the boarding site with a stop at Starbucks on the way there. We parked the car and met Dave and Kathie who bought me Hot Cakes and sausage which I took on the train. After all the passengers boarded we made our presunrise departure from Water Rampage Road Crossing.

Sunrise came slow this morning.

The moon was out full this early morning.

The sunrise is still coming up as we were rolling to Seagraves this morning.

Ropesville, Texas.

Rolling north along US highway 62/82.

We would see plenty of cotton fields along our route today.

Any water makes for interesting pictures in the low light.

Cotton Fields.

A picked cotton field.

The Clint Williams Company.

Meadows, Texas.

The former White Deer South Plains & Santa Fe Station.

One more view of Meadow, Texas.

Cattle out in their pasture.

Someone used to live here once upon a time.

Another cotton field.

The long and lonely road.

Closing in on the Pecan Grove.

Milepost 34.

The train went by the first Pecan Grove.

One of the few bridges on this rail line.

This is where the Pecan Groves are taken care of.

Three trees all in a line.

The Yard Limit Sign for Brownfield.

Brownfield, Texas.

HLCX 1006.

HLCX 913.

SLRG 456.

The Brownfield Station Sign.

SLRG 245.

WTLC 107.

The large grain elevator in Brownfield.

Our train crossed Lost Draw and the bridge is also called "Suicide Bridge". We stopped for a static photo and a Photo runby. Most of the passengers detrained for this event.

Our train backed for the static picture here.

The Static Photos. I relocated for the Photo Runby.

My first location I choose but I thought I might do better.

The back up move. I relocated back up the hill.

Photo Runby #1.

After that our group headed back to the train.

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