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Union Pacific Historical Society City of Yoder 7/10/2009

by Chris Guenzler

I got up and worked on this story and at 7:00 AM I check out of the Motel 6 and stopped for some donuts to go before I drove to the Union Pacific Yard.

As I drove in took this picture with the train pointed the right way to go to Yoder unlike the last time in 2003. I parked near the roundhouse

Our train looked beautiful in the July morning light.

Union Pacific E9A 951.

Union Pacific E9B 963.B

Union Pacific E9A 949. Our train consisted of E9A 951, E9B 963B, E9A 949, 119 Business Car Kenefick, Power Car 208, 8004 Dome Colorado Eagle, 5464 Coach Katy Flyer, 7011 Dome Missouri River Eagle, 5480 Coach Sunshine Special, 5769 Baggage Council Bluff, 7001 Dome Columbine, 5473 Coach Portland Rose, 7015 Dome Challenger, 5469 City of Salina and the Concession Car Sherman Hill. I took a seat in the lower level of the Columbine.

My ticket for today's trip on the City of Yoder. The train departed Cheyenne at 9:11 AM.

The train headed east down the yard track past all of our cars including my rental car a silver Aveo.

A glimpse of the Rio Grande B-unit.

The Cheyenne Roundhouse.

The Union Pacific Steam Shop Building.

The Cheyenne Yard Tower.

The train is coming out onto Mainline 4.

Looking back at the Cheyenne Station.

The train taking the curve near the east end of the Cheyenne Yard.

A ballast train is waiting to go east after we leave Cheyenne.

The east end of the Cheyenne Yard.

An oil refinery was passed as we left Cheyenne.

Views leaving Cheyenne as we head out into the open spaces.

The train climbed Archer Hill with the E units putting out enough smoke it made you think they were steam engines.

The railfans were out on the bridge at the top of Archer Hill.

Scenes from along the way.

Hillsdale, Wyoming.

Passing a grain elevator.

Burns, Wyoming.

Open countryside on the way to Egbert.

The train has switched off the mainline at Egbert.

Egbert, Wyoming.

A westbound UP freight is waiting for us to clear the mainline.

The train entering the North Platte Cutoff.

That UP freight that was waiting for us to clear.

The terrain was prairie until we neared Albin when farming took over.

Then the hills became interesting.

We had hills on the east side of the train.

With farming on the right. We cleared the hills and at MP 231.5 we stopped for the first Photo Runby of the trip.

All the photographers detrained and then the train backed up.

The back up move.

Photo Runby 1 at Milepost 231.5. We all reboarded the train.

A lonely road out in the middle of nowhere.

The scenery quickly changed and I liked this countryside better than the flatland that we just passed through.

The train entered Tunnel 1, a concrete lined 565 foot affair.

The train exited Tunnel 1.

The rocks were interesting to look at.

Our train took a curve.

What a view!

This line has many curves.

A curve to the left.

A view off to the right.

A curve to the right.

A curve to the left.

A view to the north.

Looking back to where we had been.

Curving to the left.

The train took another curve.

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