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NRHS Twin Cities Limited 8/16/2009

by Chris Guenzler

I got up and uploaded the Grand Rapids Story and set Winston an E-mail about it. I had my last breakfast at the Best Western before checking out. At 8:05 AM the Yellow Cab picked me up and took me to the Duluth Union Station. I was sixth in line and when it started to rain they boarded the train and I took my luggage with me aboard the Braddock Inn, the same car I rode I rode the Grand Rapids yesterday. Using my umbrella I decided to get some pictures I haven't taken on this visit to Duluth.

Duluth Missabe & Iron Range 318.

Great Northern SD-45 400 Hustle Muscle which was the first production SD-45 built by EMD.

Erie Mining F7A 4211

Looking towards our train.

The NRHS Twin Cities Limited sits ready to take us back to the Amtrak Midway Station in Minneapolis. The train consisted of Engine 166, Mount Vernon 800708, Kitchi Gammi Club VRIC7 800705, Southern Pacific Coach Golden Sands 800748, Southern Pacific Coach Golden State 800881, Santa Fe Mojave Lounge 800651, Braddock Inn Parlor 800854, New York Central 38 Parlor 800655, Super Dome 800862 and Cedar Rapids 800040. All coach passengers like me had to board only the Mojave, Braddock Inn or the New York Central 38 as they weren't using the Southern Pacific coaches to the Twin Cities. I returned to the Braddock Inn and turned my computer on and work on ordering the pictures for several more OCRHS programs. The train left Duluth on time and rode the same slow trackage out and across the Grassy Point Drawbridge. The train took the tight curve in Superior and then something caught my eye up ahead.

Interesting CP Rail power this morning. I worked my way south and just above Sandstone the sky let loose. By Hinckley we were back to a little sunlight as we stopped to board the box salads for lunch. I just keep working and finished about Coon Creek when my battery died. I changed plugs to the other side of the car and that one worked and started to recharge my computer battery. I thought I would show you where our rare mileage trip ended on the way to Duluth.

East University is where we came through the switches to the usual route.

This is where the ex Northern Pacific Freight Route takes off for St. Paul.

Van Buren is on the way to the Midway Station.

There is a General Mills Grain Elevator here.

Minneapolis Jct is the shop of the Milwaukee Road 261 and here is the SP 4449 extra tender for water.

The Georgia Southwestern Lounge Car I rode in on Bart Jennings Rare Mileage trip on that railroad, will soon be the new lounge car for the Milwaukee Road 261 group.

A look at the shop building that right now is home to two 4-8-4's, the Milwaukee Road 261 and the Southern Pacific 4449.

The tenders for the Milwaukee Road 261.

Minneapolis Jct before we reached the Amtrak Midway Station at 2:14 PM ending our NRHS Convention Trips.

The final views of the NRHS Twin Cities Limited at the Amtrak Midway Station.

An afternoon with Dennis Larsen.

I arranged with Dennis Larsen to be picked up and be taken anywhere so I would not have to spend 9 hours sitting in the Amtrak Station waiting for the Empire Builder. I walked in the station and there was Dennis who helped me carry my luggage to his car. We drove east through Stillwater into Wisconsin to the town of Somerset to our first stop. I got ahold of Winston and he said he would proof the Grand Rapids story ASAP and call me when he was done.

This is the Canadian National Bridge across the St Croix River.

This is the view looking the other way. We drove through Somerset then down to Hudson to our next stop. Winston called and said he had finished proofing that story. Now to find some place that had wireless.

The former CNW now Union Pacific Bridge across the St. Croix. From here we found a Dunn Bros Coffee and it did have wireless that reached the parking lot. I uploaded the corrections and changed the trip page.

Our next stop was to see if we could find the St Croix Miniature Railroad which we did. From here we drove down to Prescott and followed the BNSF line down to Diamond Bluff but alas no trains were to be found. We crossed the Mississippi River to Red Wing and stopped for dinner.

The St James Hotel in Red Wing. I looked around this historic building before Dennis and I had dinner at the Veranda Restaurant sitting outside at a table. I had a Campfire steak which was really good.

The view from below of the Veranda Restaurant in Red Wing.

The Red Wing Amtrak Station.

There are these giant Red Wings Shoes throughout town. From here we drove back up to Hastings.

CP Rail 4611 at Hastings.

A Soo Line Caboose also at Hastings. From here we drove by the Pigs Eye Yard and the Dayton Bluffs. From there we drove into St Paul looking for University Ave.

On the way there, here is a picture of the Minnesota State Capitol Building. We made a stop at a gas station so I could get a twelve pack of Coca-Cola for my trip home to Santa Ana. Dennis drove me back to the Amtrak Station and I thanked him for spending an afternoon with me. I was now time to go into Midway Station to wait for the Empire Builder.