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The Final Day of Train Festival 2011 7/24/2011

by Chris Guenzler

We all got up and I found out that the Chicago area was going to get 2-3 inches of rain an hour. As it was pouring here with lightning and thunder I decided a new plan for today was in order. First we would have to get Bob Riskie to the Illinois Zephyr. Nathan and I left with Bob at 7:45 AM and once on the road decided that Princeton would be the safe choice. Bob checked on his train which was running on time so we headed east down Interstate 80 arriving Princeton in plenty of time to stop at MacDonald's for breakfast. After that we headed to the Princeton Amtrak Station.

Bob saying goodbye to Nathan.

The Princeton Amtrak Station.

Bob waving goodbye to us.

CB&Q Caboose 13569 on display east of the station. We gassed up the rental van before returning to the Motel 6 in Moline. Nathan wanted a nap so Gene, Bob, Elizabeth and I went to Moline to take pictures of the Nebraska Zephyr Excursion to Bureau this morning.

The Davenport, Rock Island & North Western Railway station in Moline.

The Moline station sign.

It was trying to rain on us but Bob used our umbrellas to keep us dry. A few minutes later we started hearing the horn and air horn of the CB&Q 9911A coming our way with the Nebraska Zephyr Train Set.

The Nebraska Zephyr train set ran though Moline this morning heading to Bureau. From here we headed to the old Iowa Chicago & Eastern yard west of Davenport.

Iowa Chicago & Eastern GP-9 103.

Dakota Minnesota & Eastern GP-40 4005 Larry Pressler.

IC&E 103 and DM&E 4005.

DM&E SD40-3 6050 Colony Wy.

IC&E GP40-2 4207 City of S Beliot.

DM&E SD-40-2 6364.

DM&E GP38 3833 City of Aurora.

DM&E GP40 4002 Spirit of 86.

Views around the roundhouse.

IC&E SD40-2 6408 City of Chillicothe. From here we headed over to Davenport to catch the NKP 765 running down the street in Davenport.

NKP 765 pulled the 11:00 AM train to Walcott this morning and put on a great show doing the street running in Davenport. From here we returned to the Motel 6 to get Nathan before we returned to Rock Island and parked in our usual parking structure.

A building in Rock Island has this mural painted on it. We all returned to the Train Festival 2011.

CB&Q SW-7 9255.

Iowa Interstate Rock Island 513.

Iowa Interstate 7081. From here Nathan and I went to see the model railroads.

The train is switching the cars around. Nathan and I walked over to the exit and waited for Gene, Bob and Elizabeth. Once reunited we went back to the van and drove out to the grade crossing at Central Park Ave.

The 2:00 PM Train with Iowa Interstate QJ 7081 heading to Walcott goes across Central Park Ave in Davenport. From here we headed to the old Dry Line Yard in Bettendorf.

BNSF SW1200 MVPX 3535. From here we returned to the Motel 6 and I started my story writing. We all went to Montana Jack's for dinner before I continued the story writing. Nathan took Gene to the Quad City Airport for his flight home. I finished the story and tomorrow we head back to La Plata.