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Tioga Pass over Tehachapi and north on the former Southern Pacific Valley Route 11/14/2008 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

The Coast Starlight came off of Ansel Hill into Mojave.

At East Mojave a BNSF train waited for us to pass by before following us west.

There was a UP freight in Mojave.

There are stored airplanes at the Mojave Airport.

The train started the climb up the east slope of Tehachapi Pass.

Our train ran through this nice old signal bridge.

You really get a sense of the grade in this view.

The train was curving away from the High Desert into the mountains.

The train was climbing the grade towards Cameron.

Our train was running by a Joshua Trees grove.

The train was still climbing the grade!

There are many windmills on the top of the mountains in front of our train.

Looking back down the grade.

There are windmills on every ridge as our train continues to climb.

The train ran through Cameron.

There was a BNSF grain train heading down grade at Cameron.

We went by the end of that BNSF grain train.

The train took the curves and we saw more windmills.

Looking back down the grade.

View looking north.

Our train took the curve into Monolith.

Another look back.

The train ran through Monolith.

We met another BNSF eastbound at Monolith.

Our train still running through Monolith.

There was mine tailings northwest of Monolith.

Looking back at Monolith.

The Coast Starlight has crested Tehachapi Pass at Summit Switch.

The train ran through the town of Tehachapi with its water tower.

We went under this signal bridge at Tehachapi.

There was another BNSF eastbound train at Tehachapi.

Windmills and the BNSF freight.

We have left the Tehachapi Valley behind and now will follow Tehachapi Creek towards Cable.

The train went through the Cable X-Over.

The tracks twist and turn on its way to Cable. The Coast Starlight came to a stop and we all wondered what we were waiting for at the end of double track. I called Carole Walker who told me that the CEO/President of Amtrak had resigned and that Mr. Crosby would be the acting CEO until a replacement was named. Soon someone on the Tioga Pass open platform saw the southbound Coast Starlight coming up the grade.

The southbound Coast Starlight passing our train at Cable. Once we got a green signal, we continued our northbound trip.

The train ran through Cable.

Our train had crossed Tehachapi Creek.

The train entering the 259 foot Tunnel 17.

The train ran through Tunnel 17.

The train ran through the 259 foot Tunnel 16.

The train ran through the 330 foot Tunnel 15.

The train ran through the 513 foot Tunnel 14.

Our train was on the way to Marcel.

The train was rolling through Marcel.

We met a Union Pacific westbound at Marcel.

The train ran through the 307 foot Tunnel 10. Now we could see the Tehachapi Loop.

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